Few days ago, I read an article which described the features of copper.
1. It is a very powerful anti bacterial and anti fungus material.
That ‘s the reason, in olden days water is stored and served in copper
The word "Chembu" or "Sembu" became synonymous with the geometry of the
vessel itself!
With the invasion of mineral water, all these old principles and practices
took a back seat.
Of late, people, with increased awareness and realization, started using
copper tumblers. What presently being done is, water is stored in a copper
tumbler over night and is taken in the morning as a medicine or "prasadm”
or "theertham: (holy water)
I also noticed in five star hotels water is served in copper tumblers for
If you look at the logistics of this system…
While nothing is wrong with this method…it is quite messy for the
The corrosion that takes place inside the tumbler from morning to night has
to be removed using tamarind (or lemon) and the traces of tamarind (or
lemon) has to be removed thoroughly. If the house-wife gets fed up (after a
heavy dose of tele serial)…the practice of drinking "copperised water "
gets abandoned.
The enthusiasm fades out gradually and in the end it is given up.
More over, in this system only one person of the family gets benefited.
I wanted to have a system where…
1. Every one in the family (including the guests) to be benefited.
2. There should NOT be any additional and/or recurring work on this account,
to any one in the family (including servant maid)
After applying my mind for few minutes…I got this idea.
Put some copper material (plate, tumbler, spoon, panchapatram, flat sheet or
whatever) in the sump and another in the over head tank.
Put another one in the lower part of the water filter, if you are using one.
Before putting them, wash them well with tamarind (or lime) thoroughly.
This washing is a one time job.
Since it is heavier than water, it will always be at the bottom and is
covered with water and is NOT exposed to air. Hence no corrosion.
One word of caution:
At the time of cleaning of the sump or over head tank, ensure that the
copper vessels are NOT stolen.
Before entrusting the work, take into custody of these copper material(s)
and put them back after cleaning operation.

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