Shield your teeth – Simple home remedies

Teethes are very important part of our body. If you have your mouth full of white teethes, it will not only give you a beautiful smile but also gives you confidence. Keeping your teeth healthy everyday is very important.

Bad Breath


Bad Breath Home Remedy

Make a fine powder of clove and ginger and boil it in water to one and half. Gargle with this liquid five times every day to get rid of Bad breath.

Tooth Decay

tooth decay home remedy

Take 2 tsp of rock salt and add 2 tsp of mustard oil, Massage this on your teeth and leave it for 5 min. then gargle with water.

Gum disease

Gum Disease-Lemon and salt
Make a paste with a lime juice and salt. Mix it well and apply to your teeth. Let it sit for a few minutes and gargle with warm water to rinse it off. Lemons offer a win-win solution for treating gum disease.

Canker Sores/ Mouth Ulsers

Aloe juice for mouth ulsers

Use aloe juice to rinse your mouth. Place baking soda on the sores after rinsing. This remedy is not all that painful but it might take longer.

Tooth Sensitivity

Take 1 tbsp mustard oil and add a tsp of rock salt to it. Apply it on your teeth using your indes finger and massage gently. Leave it for 5 min and rinse your mouth with water.

Tooth Aches

Tooth Aches- asafetida
Add a pinch of powdered asafetida to lemon juice and then warm it slightly. Using a cotton pad to apply the solution on the affected area. This will give you quick relief from the pain.Fry asafetida in butter and place it in the tooth cavity for instant relief.

Strained Yellow Teeth

One of the safest and strongest teeth whitener is baking soda. Mix a pinch of salt with a pinch of baking soda, apply it to your teeth with a help of a soft tooth brush. Leave it for two to three minutes and then rinse off with water. You will get white sparkling teeth in an instant.

To ensure better teeth and gum health, calcium enriched dairy products such as milk and cheese can be very useful. Flossing your teeth twice daily can also brighten up your teeth.