Mother’s day is a special occasion. It is not only celebrated in selective places, but it is celebrated worldwide. Each mother is special & they have different likes in life.

1. Art from the Heart:

Make a collection of childhood memories, draw or paint them in your own ways and give it to your mom. You can then put them in a photo frame.

Art from the heart

Price: Rs. 189 only

2. Mixed Roses

You may think that flowers are pretty standard gifts, but they are not, not the Mixed Roses.


Price: Rs. 685 only.

3. Cushions:
Cushion with a printed photo of your favourite memory with mother is a great idea.


Price: Rs. 499 only.

4. Combo gift
There are even combo gifts in certain websites which can bring all gifts in one go.


Price: Just Rs. 1298 only.

5. Diamond Pendant:
A pendant especially made to show the bond between mother and child is an awesome gift.


Price: Just Rs. 1875 only.

6. Fitbit:
A Fitbit is a wonderful gift. It can help monitor activity and sleep also, although might look a little expensive it is worth it.


Price: Just Rs. 6799 only.

7. Apple iPad:
Does your mom love reading books, taking pics, travel a lot?. An Apple iPad is the best gift, she can carry of many e-books in them & also add memories when she travels.

Apple iPad

Price: Just Rs. 27,728 only.

8. Google Home:
When mom has been doing so many things for us for so many years. Why not get her an assistant which could help her interact with multiple devices, remember events, calendar and everything. Here it is “Google Home”.

Google Home

Price: Just Rs. 12,990 only.

9. Mom daughter T shirt:
Sometimes a look alike Mom daughter T shirts with similar quotes or quotes appreciating mom are really good gifts to buy.


Price: Just Rs. 749 only.

10. Polaroid snap camera:

Your mom loves to travel a lot. Gifting a polaroid snap is the right choice, it has 10 Megapixel camera which prints full-color 2 x 3 prints in just one minute. The printer is embeded in it.

Polaroid Snap

Price: Just Rs. 11,876 only