I got my best gift in life, my baby after 13 years of treatment for infertilty due to her. Baby was born in Sowc arpet, after IVF at Prashant. Baby was very small premature, 26 weeks only , with weight 620g!! Since there was loss of blood flow to fetus, the gynecologist Dr Vandana told us there ws poor chance of survival. We asked many friends what to do, some suggested Soorya Hospital at Vadapalani, Dr Deepa Hariharan, a famous neonatologist. Others told Child Trust and Mehtas. aT Child Trust we talked to parents waiting outside, and found that premature babies were few there, and 2 babies had died recently. . At Mehtas, a lady told us her twins were still not well , on oxygen with brain bleeds, and cost was prohibitive.

When we entered Soorya, we did not like the hospital at all, it was very old, not well maintained. But when we met Dr Deepa Hariharan, our idea changed; we realized that doctors are far more important than hospitals. She was simply great, showed us the NICU which was so high-tech, professional and meticulous. We shifted the baby there.


My baby is fine at discharge, and I hope to take back to her on birthday a beautiful healthy happy kid

The care was SUPERB, SUPERB, SUPERB. Dr Deepa was monitoring the baby 24X7, via high-resolution camera,  bedside rounds many times a day, and at least 20- 30 phone calls per day for sick babies. Babies had come from all parts of Chennai and Andhra there for preterm care. Transparency was so high that all vital signs and day-to-day progress problems were displayed at bedside  – something I have not seen even in Singapore.

I learnt from doctor friends that such extreme preterms normally get eye problems, mental deficits, brain bleeds etc. The occurence of complications like these were low there as Dr Deepa was well versed in recent advances and obsessive to prevent these as she constantly kept telling duty doctors and nurses on how to prevent these. Her assistant doctors (themselves assistant professors) used to tell each other that such preventive efforts do not otherwise happen in Chennai, and they work with her to learn extra-ordinary management of prematurity!!   This was true from the number of babies less than 1 kg birth weight who come back to Sooriya for Follow-up to Dr Deepa, hale and hearty on their first birthday.

I think Dr Deepa is a goddess for premature babies, and the best start to give our babies is to go to a neonatologist like her, and not be deceived by hospitals appearance or brand names- good or bad