Technology is said to make life easier, and until proven otherwise, we do believe its true. How many us in the present generation actually, believe that work was possible, in the pre-computer era? One power failure, is all it would take for most non-believers, amongst us to go over to the other side. As a result of this extreme dependence on all things power-hungry, it is only a matter of time that they would manifest in not only positive but also negative returns.

One of the most common problems, that has got more than its fair share of press is that of radiation emitted by cell phones. Now the jury is still out on whether radiation emitted from cell phones is harmful to the human body or not. There is a certain amount of radiation that a cell phone will give out but not to an extent that would cause your ears to fall off or your eyes to shrivel up. Prolonged usage of cell phones, is not recommended because the heat generated over extended usage ultimately transfers to the ears. This can cause an increase flow of blood from the brain as the brain is capable of bringing down the excessive heat by increasing the blood flow.

The results are’nt conclusive, but its probably a good idea to play safe and regulate the amount of time, spent on the phone.

Another reasonably well known problem associated with computers is the Carpel Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) caused by prolonged usage of the keyboard. The effects of this are severe pain and muscle weakness in the hand and forearm. If not taken care of, or treated at the onset, it might eventually degenerate into a condition that will need a corrective surgery.

RSI as commonly called, short for Repeatitive Strain Injury, is manifest in most industries that require repetitive use of their hands. For example, data entry operators, bank cashiers, cooking personnel, sportsmen, automobile drivers etc.,

These people need to use stretching techniques frequently so as to reduce the risk of the above injury.

The other is that of the DJs playing at Pubs and Discoetheques. Some of them are non-smokers, but for passive smoking does the damage for them. They could ensure that they are in an area, free of cigarettes and smoke. Also the decibels played in most these pub-houses are so heavy, they could be in a risk of getting their ear drum damaged, thereby ending into loss of hearing in the years to come.