Hi moms,

intha summer ku sweat adikamagum both body odor jasthi agum yenathan spray potalum v cant manage . sila berku rmba jasthiya irukum so jt try any one of this remedies to control body odors.

»   Add rosemary oil in a small quantity of water you can use this mixture to get rid of body odor. Apply on underarms and thighs.

  »   Prepare a mixture of few drops of glycerin and radish juice. It acts as a good home remedy for controlling body odor. Apply this mixture on feet, underarms, neck etc.

  »   Prepare a mixture of white vinegar and alcohol. This is a natural and safe home remedy for controlling body odor and perspiration.

  »   Turnip juice is most effective in controlling body odor and perspiration.

  »   Tomato is the best remedy of controlling bad odor. Add 2 cups of tomato juices in bath tub and enjoy a refreshing bath.

  »   Take 2 tablespoon of baking powder, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and apply this mixture on the sweat prone areas. It is very helpful especially in summers for controlling body odor.