Dear Friends,

I was reading a magazine and i just happen to see this collection of books. The subject of the book was interesting and i think it can help a lot of us… If you like reading and if it is your hobby then you surely can give it a shot.. I personally think that you can relax you mind and body by reading a nice book which also helps you bring down your worries and mental stress. So i think this is a very good habit and has to be developed by everybody.

The list of the books are :

1. TUESDAYS WITH MORRIE by Mitch Alborn – This is a book which tells you how to accept watever life throws at you.

2. A GRIEF OBSERVED by C.S.Lewis – This is a book about the complications he faced in his life after her lost his wife.

3. EAT, PRAY AND LOVE by Elizabeth Gilbert – This book teaches you that sometimes loss least to self discovery.

4. THE OTHER SIDE OF SADNESS by George Bonanno – This is a book which reveals the powerof human resilience.

5. IM GRIEVING AS FAST AS I CAN by Linda Fienberg – This is a book which can guide one through a normal grieving process.

6. THE YEAR OF MAGICAL THINKING by Joan Didion – This book is a must read for any woman who has loved.

These are the books that can help you let out your sorrows and cope up with your griefs. I havent read any of them but will sure try to read them.

Let me know if any of you have gone through any such books or any of the above books and share your experience of reading such books with all of us…