Hi Gals,

You meet people who forget you. You forget people you meet. But sometimes you meet those people you can’t forget. Those are your ‘friends.’

C mom’s meet up- a small get together was scheduled on 18th April 2010(Sunday) at Chennai citi centre(food court) at 3.00pm.Dress code –Black color & I am the exceptional mom there who went in Green. Totally we were in 9 in number. I Started at my home at 2.45pm was in full dreams……..this is my first meet up ,reached the venue by 3.15 pm and saw 5 missed calls in my mobile from our anbu thozigal who were waiting at the food court, I took my kids Nidhi & Danya and my niece Akshaya with me. Saw our makkals in black ………all smiling faces invited me, got introduced myself with all, and I was able to identify everyone…Jayashree,Deepa Bharadwaj, molu, vaani, and lalitha were there with a cute smile on their faces and welcomed me .My kids were feeling restless cos no AC and it was suffocating..don’t know wat to do .Then came shobana with her kid and hubby.Shobana hubby took all the kids to the play zone and they started enjoying there……..I was relieved, Thanks Shobana!My kids had a nice time with shreya.They liked her so much was talking abt shreya the whole night .Then came Sowmya with her kid Aneesh and of course her hubby was also there.We all got introduced to her and atlast came our koonthal azahgi ,Sangita Vijay with her beauty nakshatra.We were all admiring her hair and her figure.All the kids were chamatu , didn’t trouble us much.

We started taking few pictures but the security didn’t allow us to take..but nama ellam yaru chumma viduvoma…atlast we took snaps successfully….

Just to munch we filled with evening snacks with few chat items like gobi65, bhel puri, chola, icecream, black forest cake, fresh fruit juice, French fries….

It was really a great fun meeting all ..Don’t know how we spent 3 hrs. Time passes by as the evening sky floats into the night and awaits the sunrise…

By the time it was 6.30 most of the hubbies were becoming fidgety and came one by one to check out whether we have packed up or not..

Thanks to all hubby who were patient enough for 3 hrs…Cheers to them

And at last it was time to say bye to all, but then our conversation with our frnds didn’t stop with that..We started sending thxing and good night messages to all. Mu hubby commented ” inuma unga meet up mudiyala”I told him “ITHUVUM KADANTU POGUM”









Moms present for the meet up:

Jayashree-very active and welcoming mom

Deepa Bharadwaj-A silent mom, who loves to talk abt her MIL

Molu-Beautiful smile on her face-jeans pota mahalakshmi

Vaani- tall ,good figure, just resembles like Deepa Venkat(serial artist)-danya likes her very much…

Lalitha- A pleasant smile, silent mom,her jimmiki was attracting everyone

Sowmya- bubbly girl, very jovial person

Shobana-she looks like a Christian and her famous dialogue-alleluuyaaaa.., nice, smart, good figure…

Sangeetha Vijay- Tall, long hair(kunthal azhagi)good structure,seems to be very silent…Danya likes her too a lot..(sangi enna panna pa en ponna??)

Yoga(myself)-no comments


Sowmya-AneeshKumar (11 mths)

Shobana-shreya (3+ yrs)-The whole night my kids were talking abt her

Sangeetha-Nakshatra (not sure abt the age…)

Yoga-Nidhi and Danya (5+yrs)

My kid fromlast night is asking me when is the next meet up.

Thanks to all the mom, who came inspite of their busy schedule.Really missed out others, pls try to make it up for the next time.C MOMS ROCK