The Chennai Metro Rail (CMRL) was launched two years ago after a long delay. CMRL has recently launched an official mobile app. The app is a reservoir of tremendous information a commuter will need and is surely to be a great asset to all commuters – regular and one-time.

This article is a step-by-step guide on how to use the app and also takes a look at its interesting features.

Install App 

The app is currently available on Google Play Store. CMRL has mentioned that the app will soon be made available for iOS phones too.

  Chennai Metro Rail App               Chennai metro rail app

You can edit your menu in the homepage according to your convenience. You can just click the add menu feature and add your desired sections.  

Chennai metro rail app

Click on the three bar icon (popularly known as the Hamburger menu) to view all the features available in the app.

Chennai metro rail app

Click on a particular icon to view them in detail.

So, now let us check out all the exquisite features of the app right below 

  • Route Information

Chennai metro rail app

Select “from station” – From which place you want to start your travel

Chennai metro rail app    Chennai metro rail app    Chennai metro rail app

Select “to station” – To which place you wish to travel

Chennai metro rail app    Chennai metro rail app    Chennai metro rail app

Once you select the route, the details shown are

  1. The cost of travel (General class and First class cost)
  2. The number of stations in between the travel
  3. The total distance you will be travelling

Chennai metro rail app

  • Station Information 

The icons which are green in colour will be accessible to view the details. The rest are in progress. Once the construction work is done you will be able to access everything in and out. 

Chennai metro rail app  Chennai metro rail app Chennai metro rail app

Once you click on the location, you will get a list of features to check.

You will find :

  1. Station details
  2. Train timings
  3. Platforms
  4. Gates and directions
  5. Availability of parking
  6. Lost and found
  7. Contact information
  8. Where to stay and dine

Chennai metro rail app

The train timings will be of most use to you. All values are given in an hourly basis.

Chennai metro rail app       Chennai metro rail app

Parking availability is interesting feature. A number of IT personnel travel to stations via bike or car and then take a train to their workplace. Even parking fares are mentioned based on hourly basis.

Chennai metro rail app    Chennai metro rail app    Chennai metro rail app

Where to stay and dine is another exclusive and a cool feature which gives all the details of the nearby places to dine, coffee shops and restaurants to stay.

Chennai metro rail app    Chennai metro rail app   Chennai metro rail app

  • Feeder services

They show a list of areas where they provide extra transport services. The number of service provided differ from area to area. 

Chennai metro rail app

Once you click the location the details will open up. 

Chennai metro rail app

  • Nearest Metro Station

This tells you the metro stations available from the place you are in. It will give you the list of stations available. The located stations will vary from the places you view.

Chennai metro rail app

  • Tour Guide

This is exclusively built for the ones who love to take a tour around the city. It gives you the details of the

  1. Tour spots & Details
  2. Cultural centres
  3. Local weather forecasts

Chennai metro rail app    Chennai metro rail app    Chennai metro rail app

  • Other Information

Finally we have few other extra useful features added to the App.

1. Fare products 

The rates and the discount rates are clearly mentioned under this feature.

Chennai metro rail app

2. Flash News

Any important news during a crisis or government issues will be posted here during that current period.

3. Metro network information 

The metro rail project plan is clearly depicted under this feature. The already constructed and running platforms, The under construction platforms and the ones which they are planning on constructing will be explained in here.

Chennai metro rail app

3. Instruction to commuters 

The commuters are asked to strictly follow the below given do’s and dont’s during their commute. This is just to make everything organised and easy for everybody to travel.

Chennai metro rail app    Chennai metro rail app    Chennai metro rail app

4. Facilities for disabled persons 

Exclusive facilities are available for the disabled people. The facilities are mentioned in this feature.

Chennai metro rail app                Chennai metro rail app

6. Helpline 

The most important service for all commuters is perhaps the helpline. In case of emergencies or to book complaints, CMRL provides their contact info including a toll-free line.

Chennai metro rail app


Take a bow, CMRL! This is a good looking app. Our only concern is that the app fully delivers what it offers. We genuinely felt that the app launched has a lot of features to make your commuting easy and safe.

Featured Image Source – Indian Express