The Film Crew: Director SSB as Sayee, Sadanashankar as Jaishree, Uma as Uma, SShanti as Shylaja,  bhavs as Bhavya, anushisha as anuradha…………….. wait these people were just the said artists, the main crew were Madhumitha (Uma’s daughter), Nandu (Sayee’s daughter), Aishwarya (Jai’s daughter), Viba & Saana (Bhavya’s daughter). And the lead guest role played by Sranj as NISHA.

Oh yes, the hero was none other than the great “driver” (u will kw y wen u finish reading this blog)

The Film:

The initial plan – Start from Chennai by 8 reach pondy by 11, start by 5 pm & reach Chennai by 8 pm.

We started our journey by 8.30 am (yeniki plan pana paid kelambi irukom? But u c only half an hour delay….. it is ok na???? this is how we thought that time).  

The driver started to drive rather started to urutify……. The way he drove, he was resembling Michael Schumacher J….. we all remembered the famous vadivelu’s comedy “varum…..aanaa varadhu”. Yes the driver ensured not the change the gear away from the first one……………

Indha maadhiri driving-ku nadulayum, the team had PERFECT FUN . The topic started with Jackpot show, Neeya Naana (Jaishree seems to be a BIG fan of Kushboo, she was talking on & on & on about her), how the shows were, the participation experience (since Sayee participated in both the shows, we were doing a comparative analysis accompanied by GREAT COMMENTS. Then we had Anthaakshari – it was supposed to be a team game but was primarily played by Bhavya & Shylaja, mathavangha yellam chorus join panikitom, adhuvum only for tamil songs, if it is hindi, then “hehehe” only.  To add, Madhu sang songs for which we couldn’t recognize the language itself, BUT IT WAS SO SWEET TO HEAR….

Then started with the “eating session”,,,,,,, oh god, one should have seen the no. of bags we all carried for the travel (for just 6 moms & 5 kids, we carried around 10 bags & each bag had atleast 10 lays packet, 2 biscuit packets, sweets, karam, other snacks, bread & chocolates……), it looked as though we were heading for a week plus travel (did anyone take a snap of those? If yes, it would look like a Kalyana Seeru – this comment given by Sayee)

The kids jumped to grab the lays & they finished it sooooooo quick & fast…. Thatz the starting point of everything, after all input went, the kids started to show signs for the output JJJJJJJJJJ. “Amma, yenaku …… pls vandiya nirutha soll” – our first stop happened, the kids finished their kadamai, kaniyam & katupaadu. Then, the journey continued, after sm time, again the same request, “amma, yenaku….. pls vandiya stop” – stopping # 2. The best part of these sessions were, the kids were insisting for a water wash only (no tissues accepted) & we ended up using mineral / bisleri waters for these (oh wow waaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttttttaaaa royal wash). Then all momz strictly told the kids “no more munching till we reach nisha aunty’s house”….

It was almost 11 & we thought we will reach pondy in some time & when we looked the road outside to check were we wer, oh god, it was still showing Chennai only……. Nambha inum dhindivanamey reach panala…..said jaishree (wat??????? Yen? Yen aachu? Are these ur questions???? Nothing happened, the driver was riding on speed zero, adhannnn). But this didn’t bother our talking & chatting in anyways. The bla –bla-bla was on full flow by this time, we spoke about the latest films (when we all can see vinnai thaandi varuvaya? How was aayirathil oruvan? Yendha hero waste? Yendha heroine is ok? —- ), our wedding, delivery experiences, about the family, and of course about the office, work & real estate industry too (from A to Z yella topic layum oru neeya nana went)

Then on the way, there was a Aanjeneyar Temple by name “panchavadi”, made a short visit to it…. The temple was great with a huge Aanjeneyar statue, since the crowd was less, had good dharshanam”. Thanks to Jaishree for letting us know abt this temple.

Then at last, with that super fast speed, we reached the Pondy entrance limit (wow, we were all so excite & gave round of applause to the driver). Now Sayee calling Nisha…………….”hey naangha pondy vandhutom, ippa ungha veetuku yepadi varanum nu sollu. Then we got some landmarks noted from Nisha. Then came the best (?) news, Nisha has made LUNCH for us, oh wow, wat a cost & time saving has nisha done for us nu solitu, all of us were so happy”

@ Nisha’s house – Welcome yeah bayangarama irundhudhu with a pomerian dogy at the entrance (u c, most of us were so scared of that beauty). Some how, escaped from that dogy & went into Nisha’s house……… Ladies here is the main catch, all of us, except for Jaishree & Uma were so cool at this time & entered nisha’s house with a big smile. But Jai & Uma were so serious (no sign of smile on their face), if u want to know the reason for this, PM them………………. (but after 10-15 mins, they became normal)

The LUNCH; The treat started with a lovely welcome drink, “a cool lemon juice”, perfect one for that long journey & the hot sun. Andha super lemon juice, made a great expectation on the lunch JJJ. Nisha now so busy with the cooking, she was just going on preparing so many things…….. we all said “hey nisha, podhum, niruthu, ivalo saapita we will sleep then. We need to suthify pondy, so we all will eat less only”. So here goes the main menu: “Vegetable Pulao (illa adhu fried rice-aa), veg kurma, cucumber raitha, papad, cauli flower fry, curd rice, 2 pickles”. Whenever one of us said “hey nisha, this is good, she will immediately ask “appa mathadhu nalla illaya”?????????? To be honest everything was good (nejama vey nisha, nambhu) & specifically the curd rice was very very gud. Nisha took extra effords to make the curd rice also special, she decorated it with grapes, kothamalli etc…”. Ofcourse, gayathri anand was BEST (adhan maavadu).  Then came the surprise, the dessert, “payasam” – oh nisha, with that kerala touch, it was kalakalz deeee. Rombha rombha nalla irundhudhu, we were all stomach full, illana inoru round adichu irupom.

The MAKEUP: This was the most TIME CONSUMING session yaar. No wonders, the guys sometimes complains about it. Except for me & Sayee, all were so involved in this. From the look of “kovai saralaz all of them turned into “aishwarya rai” (no no this is too much, abhishek will feel very bad then), they all turned into “trisha’s & nayandharaz”. Naanum, sayum matum dhaan natural. So wen u c the fotoz, remember this (even nisha had a long make up session, she made her kids ready in just 5 mins, but was combing hair for a lllllllllllloooooooooonnnnnnnnnnggggggg time)

The Suthifying : We all started to Chunambhar beach & boat house. The main point here is, Nisha claims herself as Pondy citizen, but we all should oppose it very strongly. Madam kws only her house in POndy & no other place. She was as good as us about pondy. Oru oru yeduhthuleyum, vazhi ketu dhaan we all went. But paavam rombha nalla ponu, she came for suthifying with us with the 2 kids & gave a great company. Uppu potu soru potu iruka, nandri irukanum illa????

We went to the Chunambar boat house, it had a small children’s park in which all 30 yrs + men were playing (I think rombha china vayasu gyanabhagam vandhudichu), there was a tree house, small cafeteria. We didn’t want to waste anytime, so we went straight to the boat house. It was very good, a 20-25 mins drive, it left us near a beach. So its time for a great galla, we all got drenched well in the beach with Nisha’s son reaching the maximum distance in the water. So after some time, we decided to get away as we had other left over plans. The highlight of this session was sayee’s constume. We all would have seen people wearing pant or people wearing lungi, but has anyone of us seen a combination, if not check out sayee’s snap. Then we waited for some time to get back the boat so that we would reach back to the boat house. From there we went to the Ashram, spent some time in silence at last.

The confusion: Since kids below 3 yrs aren’t allowed inside the ashram, Nisha decided to stay back in the van. After the Ashram visit, Uma, Shylu & I went to a kid’s dress shop to get a dress for Uma’s daughter. In the mean time, the other c’momz wanted to have a tea / snacks badly & went to Anandha Bhavan there. Sayee called Uma & told they were all at Anandha Bhavan. So we 3 also went their straight & started to kotify everything. After the tea / coffee & snacks went in, most of us started to get some energy back. Now Sayee suddenly got back her memory, “Hey Nisha Yengha?????”, all of us were like “aamam, wer is she???”, we all felt so bad about ourselves, then sayee ranged nisha, she said she is in the van only. We then asked her to come to anandha bhavan.  (the confusion was sayee thought, Shylu, Uma & I was with Nisha and we all thought Nisha was with them). Paavam ivalo nandri ulavangala have you ever seen?

The porukalz: Me & Sayee had a huge list for shopping & we planned to keep a major time for shopping. But maybe my husband’s saabham (yen sambalam ipadi yellam karaiyudhey, kadavuley nee konjam ghavani) or might be the voice of entire crew’s men at home, there was literally NO TIME for shopping. It was already 7 pm & we were to go to Nisha’s house, take all our baggage’s & then leave. But indha oru ikataana situation laiyum, Sayee & Bhavya managed to pick up some thingz from there. Naandhan rombha paavam.

The return Journey: So we all went to Nisha’s house & some of the ladies had a small make up session again & then we started our way back to journey. The little princesses were very tired & all of them slept the moment the driving started. We all ladies started our blablablaz again…..since it was 8 pm already & we were sure that we will not reach Chennai before 12 mid night (call it the next day), all of us had gud talks how will be the welcome note at home J. The best part was,  we all noticed that none of us had any bhayam that how our husband or in-laws would question us for this, we all were more worried about the parent’s warm words only (Shylaja’s parents who were at Bangalore / Mumbai were checking regularly with her husband who is in Chennai  whether she has reached home or not.) Me n Sayee n every other c’momz too casually told our husband that we would be late & I guess that none of us had any bad words back. So I think, women’s freedom is growing and the men have started to understand that their lady’s would have a world out too. But the catch is all of us were worried about the thupifying treatment from our parents, coz to them we are STILL A CHILD.

Because of our polambifyings, kenjifyings & meratifyings, the driver was little better on the return journey, guess he managed to drive on gear-3, we all reached home around 11-11.30 pm approx J

Before I wind up, its worth giving some credits too few:

Aishwarya was the Quiet, u r wondering watz a big thing about being quiet? Common man, she is jaishree’s daughter? Now u all feel it is a big thing rite? Paavam , this girl had no company in the gang (she is studying 8th std) & bcoz of some jaishree’s compulsion & bribery, she joined us. But of course she was smiling & enjoying every bit of joke(s) that happened throughout. Not sure, what kind of comments she would have passed to her father(the handsome Shankar).

Vibha & Saana were the silent terrors. They didn’t talk much but always kept bhavya on her toes. They also kept the driver under their watch by always sitting in the seat next to him.

Madhumitha: She is a great fan & follower of sayee, she has that perfect questioning nature (amma idhu yena, then uma would say, adhu lays, then she would immediately ask, adhu sapidava then uma would say, vendama, then she would immedly ask “yen”….. and thru the journey she would have asked atleast 100 questions). But I became a great fan of her in the end. I liked her energy (she was the only one who never showed any dull / tired feeling thru out the trip), I liked her songs that belonged to a language yet to be established, the way she took care of Sayee’s daughter….

Nandu: Guys believe me she is such a soft darling (nambha sayee ponudhan, but she was too soft & cute). She was un well but still she managed thru the journey. Managed to take short naps whenever we talkative ladies kept little silent. A real example of “porumaiyin sigaram”

Niranjan – A chweet boy, he looks like he is very daring & adventurous, but yenuku mela oru bayandhankuli. But during the short time we spend at Nisha’s house, we could see realize his pasa malar feeling. He was so much konjifying his thangachi.

Sanjana – The smallest of the team but the sharpest. She was so sweet, came to every one, didn’t feel that strange. But indha gumbala paathu konjam lite-aa bayandhuta. Btw, sayee avaloda oru vezhamatha nisha kita potu kuduthuta. Sanju adha paathuta, she has put a sketch over sayee may be attack in the future

So guys, I think I made the blog toooo long, I am ending my version here. If I have left anything interesting just post it & also please feel free to post the archanaiz that you would have got for reaching the home ON TIME.

(PS –  the TITLE of this blog is dedicated to NISHA, the PONDY queen)