Hi Cmoms,

I take the pleasure to share with you all a good news. 4 of us crossed the prilims and we will be playing jaya tv’s jackpot on August 17th. Actually the shoot is on 17th, not sure when they will telecast it!

For new members, here is the previous blog post on jackpot : http://www.chennaimoms.com/blogs/43/posts/12073-jaya-tvs-jackpot-show

So who are the 4 moms? – aish2009, ssb, Sranj and ofcourse me!

Wish us all good luck….

I need all of your help. We have 2 minutes to talk/do something about chennaimoms.com. How well could we express our community so that more moms would join our group or just make others feel envy about us

Here are few suggestions from hasina – a collage of our meet up photos (if they allow us to display that!), a poem about chennaimoms(hasina have u posted this yet?).

What else can we do?

Please moms, suggest and help us make this 2 min reach all moms who would watch the show !