Hi moms,

              Playing with our baby is the most enjoyable moment either for us and our baby. Some of us might think that it is just a kind of activity, but actually it gives so many benefits for our baby. Playing with our baby is able to increase closeness between our baby and us. We create closeness through our words and touch. While we build closeness, we also stimulate our baby’s brain and senses by introducing them to colors, patterns, textures, and sounds. Since the simple activity gives so much contribution to our baby’s development, it is important for us to create such quality time and provides best play mats.



How To Choose the Best Baby Toys: With so many toys on the market, how can you possibly know which ones are best for your baby?



The toy’s that you buy or are given for your baby act as several different things. As well as keeping the baby entertained, your baby also starts to learn while they play with these toys. The toys you choose for your baby can help them get to sleep, make them laugh, and help them co-ordinate their movements as they begin to grow. But before you buy any toy there are a few guidelines to help you protect your little one. Pick the right toy for the age of your baby. As well as picking toys to make your baby laugh and have fun, try and pick good ones to help them learn. Toys Should Reflect Your Child’s Environment. 



Choose the toy for what the baby is interested in. For example the toy may say 0-6 months but if it makes funny noises and your baby does not like noise then they will be frightened and not interested in the toy.

Choose toys that require you to interact with your child : Sometimes new parents have to re-learn how to play with their child. Look for toys that your child needs help with to automatically force this quality time. Early board games, like Candyland, are great because your child will remind you, usually by begging, that they cannot play it by themselves. Working in quality time, through reading story books and playing board games, helps build early relationships with your child which you’ll need when their pre-teens hit and you’re the one begging for time.

Choose toys that allow for imagination : Imagination and creativity are extremely important for toddlers’ development as they learn to think independently. Baby Toys To Help Your Baby With Hand And Eye Co-Ordination


Babies learn about their world by using all five of their senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. Toys engage and refine these senses by:

  * Helping your baby learn how to control his movements and body parts

  * Helping your baby figure out how things work

  * Showing your baby how he can control things in his world

  * Teaching your baby new ideas

  * Building your baby’s muscle control, coordination, and strength

  * Teaching your baby how to use his imagination

  * Showing your baby how to solve simple problems

  * Helping your baby learn how to play by himself

  * Setting the foundation for learning how to share and cooperate with others


Giving your baby stimulating, age-appropriate toys will help your child develop faster and more fully-cognitively, physically, creatively and more. Understanding how babies learn is the key to knowing what toys to provide. Make sure all the toys you choose have the correct fabric, made from non-toxic materials, have no sharp edges, and are the correct toy for the baby’s age.