Ahaai gals…am glad to narrate abt the cmoms meet up in this blog and share my happiness. Since my last blog regarding the meet up started on april 7th on discussing when to meet, where to meet and about the dress colour all bla bla blaaa…. was going on for a long time. Finally it ended up with a wonderful meet-up on 18th april @ 3p.m in citi-centre, food court.

Since this meet up was planned for loki(24/7) who was planning to come from bangalore only for this meet-up we had lot of changes in the date and time due to many issues. But she was not able to make it up due to her personal constraints.  Still she was there with us over the phone hahahaaa..We were all more eagerly waiting for that day to meet each other(eppada papom nu…). The
day before the meet-up was sleepless nights chatting with my hubby about all the moms i know…heheheeeee…

From 18th morining itself too much of phone calls, msgs to each other to make sure everyone is coming. each and every call and msgs i was happy that this mom is counted she is coming for sure showing off all my 32 teeths. it was 2p.m again everyone started calling..have u started frm ur place,by wat time will u reach there…sharing, checking(chinna pasanga madiri). BTW when i called sowmi she saw so dull and when i asked wat happen she said am sleeping and i hav got somach pain nu…i said konduven deozhunga kalambu nu then immediately she started laughing….hahaha it was a gr8 funny drama frm gundoos..


Finally reached citi-centre, as soon as i entered the mall vaani called me and we were the first to meet,she was there with here hubby then there was a small intro between both our hubby’s but not for us..we were so casual and happy then we rushed to food court lali was already waiting there frm 3p.m. all alone but she didnt notice jayasree and deepa in the food court. Lali as soon as she saw us..she was like gurrrrrr full of anger for being late but bit of smile too hehehee.. then we met deepa and jayasree in the food court. full of joy meeting one by one then came yoga with her twins(cute gals) and full of smile next was sowmi(gundoos) with her hubby and her kutty, full of love waves..(lol) then shobana gorgeous lady with her hubby and shreya. Last but not the least was sangita with her hubby and nakshatra, she gaves us all a sweet surprise eventhou she said that she cannot make it up for the meet.

whole gang has come 9 beautiful moms smiling at each other..passing on comments and knowing well abt each other. The flow of conversation was really gud…it was absolutely not formal. everyone were much excited in sharing all their history, geography everything. THANX for all the hubbies eventhou they were all in different directions they had lot of patience. eventhou i wanted to make them all interact with each other i failed in 1st attempt but still i made it done by end of the meet. thou it was a small interaction for 10mins they enjoyed it …this is my hubby’s opinion.then we started with our snacks time…keep on munching with french fries,gobi 65, chaat items, juices, ice creams…..we were all sharing everything. i was more concious on taking fotos in the beginning but the security in citicentre was shouting @ us for 3 times not to take fotos…then finally our shobana teacher convinced him. i felt like hitting him each and every time…loose paiyan foto edukave vidalle..then we decided to have fotos session at last in ground floor…


we really had a great time…now its time for me to share my feelings about each and every mom i met. am writing this in an order i met all the moms, no partiality..

VAANI(BABY-PRANAV) : she was very casual, tall and good looking. i will tell u gals she was looking like a celebrity serial artists krithika…romba elikadhe de. she was very cool and easily mingled up with all the moms. to my surprise we both of our dress code was more or less the same. idhu seryana vayadi btw vaani so look cute de..we will rock for all the other future meet-ups..

LALI : she was too homely and small gal..she is very calm in nature but a lovely to mingle with. she seems to be very soft but after few mins she will show off her true colours. she was very good in treating all th moms equally and very caring personality. idhu seriyana pavam…she also helped me out each and every time i go for buying snacks and juices even others did..u r sweet mom de lali.

DEEPA : as soon as i saw her i got her madisari profile pic in my mind. she is also too calm but a very lovely person to meet. when she told that this is gonna be her last meet-up i reallt felt bad. but no worries deepa we will sure have an other family meet up before u leave to u.s. but u are always there with us in this group..we cannot miss such a sweet mom..

JAYASREE(SADANASHANKAR) : hey the coolest mom in the whole group…u made us all feel more comfortable in this meet. eventhou she said she has alreaady met 40 moms frm cmoms community she never had a seniority feeling. she was small in the entire group and to our surprise she is a mom of a gal who is studying in std 8. the coolest mom in the group…and the smallest too..jus for fun.

YOGA(TWINS) : she was looking too good with her smiling face also very homely. we were all telling her mahalakshmi madiri iruke de nu she was like cloud-nine. cool and innocent gal…very lovely to everyone she added on to our joy with her twins.. they were also calm and polite like her. she was very friendly and easy go kind of character to all the moms.

SOWMI(GUNDOOS) : here comes gundoos eventhou she was late she made us smile with her bubbly bubbly smile…esp smiling at me(heheheheee…)she was chubby always with her smiling face as usual started telling her stories for each every incident still we enjoyed her lovely expressions. as well as her usual love waves was also not missing…she is a lovable gal

SHOBANA(TEACHER) : she was having a prfessional look in her phsique as well as in her speech too. this is my personal feeling i never believed her that she is a tamilian, she looks like a north indian(gorgeous lady). even ppl were commenting her as chrisitian i dnt know the story behind it . she is a lovely gal who made it up for the meet jus bcoz af all our compulsions..u r so sweet dear..

SANGITA(MS. BEAUTIFUL HAIR) : she was looking very beautiful with her long hair impressed everyone with her hair..cool lady. she looks bit matured but she said others call her as immatured gal in her character. but i didnt see ur immatured behavior i expected u too be very open time. hope next time i will call u immatured gal am expecting that..u were looking very gud in free hair. she is bit calm kind of character hope i dint get opportunity to see her true colour..

finally we ended up with our fotos session at the ground floor. the funniest part while we were going in the life was…sowmi was very eagerly taking foto’s of all of us when we were getting inside the lift me,sowmi,vaani,deepa and jayasree. lali was holding sowmi’s baby and she couldnt enter into the lift but after the lift door closed only sowmi realised then she started shouting aiyooo en pappa nu…. Funny sowmi ava kozhandaiye marandhutta..gundoos rocks.


we really had a great time…was sharing our happiness like anything.THOSE 3.5HRS WAS REALLY A MELTING MOMENTS,IT MELTED OFF VERY QUICKLY. wanted to again go back to that time heheheee… hey gals am sharing all my part of fotos throu this link below, kindly check it out:


BTW thanks to all the moms who have been with us…and still more eager to meet all the moms from the community.i wanted these comments to be always green and a cherishable one in our memories.hope i never hurted anyone thru this blog…this all purely my own feelings friends,pls share urs too..


my special thanx to our administrator who has given us all such a wonderful community. this has been a part of our life always this cmoms meet up should be in our regular schedule…this journey keeps going. luv all moms… this is a family and i luv everyone over here.


                        CMOM’S ALWAYS ROCKS