Hi Moms,

I was totally out of form today..dunno the reason..may be bcos of weekend.

My colleague who sits beside me Prem….His wife’s expected date of delivery is August last week…he was not able to get this word EDD..so he asked me if I cud help in composing a few lines for the same ..so that he could ask the manager (Joseph) a prior permission.This needs to be just typed in office communicator…so my comments was:

Hi Joe,

My wife’s expected date of delivery is Aug 28.
But they may need my presence at any time during that period.
So it would be an unplanned leave as I may start as and when I get a call.
I would be WFH during this paternal leave.

I typed these lines in the notepad…and instead of sendiing it to Prem …I sent to Joe itself….

As soon as I clicked on the Enter key..I came back to my dreaming world and was screaming …"OH SHIT"

Soon everybody came to seat and all was laughing out aloud…Rahul keela vizhundhu vizhundhu sirikiran..enakum siripa adaka mudiyala..

Naan sirichadhu..thinking Prem anupardhuku badhila joekey anupiten nu..But these guys were laughing bcos..What joe will think …"Vel ku paternity leavea   "

Immediately..there was pop..and Joe was asking me – "Vel…R u ok? or shud I seach for get well soon cards"….

I was blushing…but still laughing inside …so decided..ini officela thoonga koodadhunu