Hi moms,

Wish to share  the top 10 common discomforts of pregnancy, we have put together all the health problems most of the pregnant women would get.


1. Skin Rashes During Pregnancy:

Skin allergies are most common thing occurs to know about the home remedies,prevention method during third trimester of pregnancy just click hereHome Remedies for Skin Rashes during Late Pregnancy

2. Saffron During Pregnancy:

Many of us have the doubt whether we can intake Saffron while pregnant, so to know the benefits, sideeffects,amount of Saffron intake,best ways to have saffron during pregnancy are discussed here                           Uses and Side Effects of Saffron in pregnancy

3. Leg Pain During Pregnancy:

Most of women have leg cramps during pregnancy to know more about home  remedies, prevention method during third trimester of pregnancy, foods to avoid leg pain during pregnancy,steps to prevent cramps on pregnant women Click here  Home remedies for  leg pain during 3rd trimester of pregnancy 

4. Vaginal Pain During Pregnancy:

Vaginal Pain and Abdominal ache ia another common problems during pregnancy Home Remedies for Vaginal Yeast Infections,ligament pain pregnancy Click here                                                                Home remedies for vaginal pain during third trimester of pregnancy       

5. Constipation during Pregnancy:

Top 10 ways to avoid constipation during 3rd Trimester is given for more info click here

      Home remedies to avoid constipation during pregnancy


6.Milk During Pregnancy:

Most of them have the common doubts on benefits of drinking milk during pregnancy, how important is calcium,when to start intaking milk to know more click here                                                                    drinking whole milk safe during Pregnancy


7. Morning Sickness during Pregnancy:

Causes and Side effects of Nausea First trimester of pregnancy,Morning sickness food to eat,foods not to eat,Prevention foods are given to know more click here                                                                             Home Remedies for Morning Sickness during Pregnancy


8.Tooth Pain During Pregnancy:

Tooth pain in third trimester,abscess tooth on pregnancy,Pregnancy Toothache Relief is shared here to know more just Click here  Home Remedies for Tooth Pain during late Pregnancy


9.Stretch Marks during Pregnancy:

Good lotion to remove stretch marks after pregnancy,best home remedies to avoid Stretch marks,How To Remove Stomach Stretch Marks Click here to know more on Good lotion to remove stretch marks after pregnancy


10.Headache During Pregnancy:

Home remedies for head pain while pregnant,Causes for headaches ,prevention methods for head pain  to know more click here Severe headache During Second trimester of Pregnancy


Hope all the Top 10 Common health isssues during pregnancy,the prevention methods,Causes are highly useful for the pregnanct moms who are in First,Second and Third Trimester stages