It is usually little hard to decide which class to choose or which the child will show interest in. Don’t worry, here is the best way to choose what is right for the kid. It can be decided from analyzing his likes & dislikes, carefully understand what he might like, give it a try and also try to know what sort of a personality he is. For example, selecting a music group involving a lot of students might help a timid child to open up.

Check out parenting community resources for the right ideas and also to interact with other parents from your area:

1. Baby Center India
2. India Parenting
3. Bharat Moms (yeah, that’s us)

There are many more good sites that provide good recommendations with city filters.

Choosing the right Extracurricular Activity for the Child:

Step 1:
Understand the Child:
Observe the child, see his/her activities. It is very easy to find what Extra Curricular activity they like depending on what they do. As children of the same age group will get together and start playing a game or do an activity. This often makes us understand it easily.

Step 2:
Forming a List of Activities:
One of the best way to understand which activity would be suitable for a child is to ask the child directly of what they will be interested in. They might have themselves come to a conclusion. If they don’t know, then make a checklist of 10 Activities which the child might show interest in.

Step 3:
Bring down the numbers:
Make sure that the child tries each Activity without fail. Keep in mind that the child must try the each activity for few days to understand & feel it. Don’t let the child make decisions in hassle. Motivate the child when he/she tries an activity.

Step 4:
Find the right group:
Once the child has chosen the activity, it becomes very essential that he/she fits in a group that would automatically help the child go places. Make sure the school which he/she joins facilitates his/her growth of the activity. As it is important that the child is able to focus on academics also.

Step 5:
Once everything is done. Any child with even a mild motivation will feel extremely resilient when he/she faces difficult situations on the go. As they are already doing what they love, so the passion is already there to shine and be awesome in it.

Make sure to always remember that the child does not select her/his Extra Curricular activity depending on your wishes. The choice must be purely of the child. Here is an awesome discussion worth sharing

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1. Music Classes
2. Sports Classes
3. Art Classes

Music Classes For Your Kids

Music, say it instrument or vocal, many kids love to listen to them starting at a young age. Some children show interest on their own, whereas some also show interest because it’s in their blood.

1. Saxophone Classes:

Right age for a child to learn Saxophone : 8 or 10 years.
Benefits of joining Saxophone classes :
1. Increases memory capacity,
2. Helps to be better in time management & organizational skills, and
3. Helps to be better in mathematical ability.

The Best Saxophone music classes are :

Korattur : 
1. Aarthi Music Academy

Selaiyur :
1. Dude Academy
2. Roys Music Academy

2. Flute Classes:

The Flute is based on how to hold breath and convert air flow into music.
Right age for a child to learn Flute : around 7 or 8 only.
Benefits of joining Flute classes :
1. If your child is hyperactive or stressed out, playing flute can help to soothe the mind.

The Best Flute music classes are :

3. Veena Classes:

Veena is a very big instrument to play and handle.
Right age for a child to learn Veena : Above 6
Benefits of joining veena classes :
1. It can really help to understand and learn Carnatic music.
2. If your child is hyperactive or stressed out, playing flute can help to soothe the mind.


The Best Veena music classes are :

Adambakkam :
1. Mado Rocks

4. Sitar Classes:

Sitar is a wonderful instrument and is much lighter than Veena.
Right age for a child to learn Sitar : Above 5 Years.
Benefits of joining Sitar classes :
1. Improves concentration.

5. Tabla Classes:

Right age for a child to learn Sitar : Above 5 years.
Benefits of joining Tabla classes :
1. Kids who learn Tabla will be having good body awareness,
2. Kinesthetic development,
3. Good coordination, and
4. Self-control.
The Best Table music classes for Tabla are :

6. Drums Classes

It needs proper hand-eye Co-ordination.
Right age for a child to learn Drums : Above 8 years.
Benefits of joining Drum classes :
1. Helps to boost brain power and Develop confidence.
The Best drum music classes are :

Follow this link to find more listings on drum classes in Chennai.

7. Piano Classes:

The piano is a huge instrument when compared to others, but really nice to play as children would have seen it in many cartoons and would have fancied about it.
Right age for a child to learn Piano : 5 or 6 years above.
Benefits of joining Piano classes :
1. Improve fine motor skills.
The Best Piano music classes are :

Follow this link to find more listings on Piano classes in Chennai.

8. Violin Classes:

Right age for a child to learn Violin : above 3 years.
Benefits of joining Violin classes :
1. Helps to improve memory attention span,
2. Improve overall mental function health,
3. Help to improve sensory development and
4. Help in socializing.
The Best Violin music classes are :

Follow this link to find more listings on Violin Classes in Chennai.

9. Harmonium Classes:

Harmonium helps to learn Carnatic music very quickly. It has also the instrument called the Shruti Box embedded in it.
Right age for a child to learn Harmonium : Above  6 years.
Benefits of joining Harmonium classes :
1. Add to a child’s singing ability.
The Best Harmonium music classes are :

10. Keyboard Classes:

The Keyboard is a versatile instrument since it’s a versatile instrument, it can help the child to focus as many sounds are present in them.
Right age for a child to learn Keyboard : Above 8 years.
Benefits of joining Keyboard classes :
1. Playing a keyboard makes a child be an well-rounder,
2. Increases self-esteem
The Best Keyboard music classes are :

11. Guitar Classes

The guitar is a stylish instrument which kids love to see, get attracted to it and developing a craze for it in the first moment itself.
Right age for a child to learn Guitar : Above 6 years.
Benefits of joining Guitar classes :
1. Helps to socialize a lot.
2. It also helps to sharpen the mind,
3. Develop brain power,
4. Give a good self-esteem.
The Best Guitar music classes are :

Follow this link to find more listings on Guitar Classes in Chennai.

12. Singing Classes:

Singing has many forms like Pop, Rock, Opera/Classical, Country, and so on.
Right age for a child to learn Singing :
1. Can start as young as 3 or 4 years. But usually, around 11 or 12 years, most children voices undergo drastic changes.
Benefits of joining Singing classes :
1. Strengthens the immune system,
2. Helps to get proper sleep.
3. Has many emotional benefits like it is an antidepressant,
4. Lowers stress levels and
5. Improves mental alertness.
The Best Singing classes are :

For more Singing class details Please check here

13. Mridangam Classes:

Mridangam is similar to Tabla, it is played in Carnatic Music. Mridangam is made up of wood in an angular barrel shape, with an outline like an elongated hexagon.
Right age for a child to learn Mridangam : Above 7 years.
Benefits of joining Mridangam classes :
1. Mridangam helps to have good body awareness,
2. Improves coordination,and
3. Improves self-control.
The Best Mridangam music classes are :

Sports Classes For Your Kids

Playing sports is a joyful activity for the child. Kids love to play sports as it is fun. When the interest is nurtured properly, it turns into a great success. Sports is a real boon for children, as it gives the confidence to excel in studies too.


1. Volleyball Classes:

1. Volleyball is an energetic sport, almost equivalent to tennis.
2. Children who love to jump, really like to play this game.
Right age to play Volleyball : 10 or 11.
Benefits of joining Volleyball classes :
1. It helps in improving hand-eye coordination,agility & flexibility.
2. It helps in social interaction & sportsmanship,
3. It also helps to improve physical & mental health.
The best Volleyball classes are :

Porur :
1. sportybeans porur

Poonamallee :
1. Decathlon

For more Volleyball class details Please check here

2. Badminton Classes:

Right age to play Badminton classes : 10 to 11
Benefits of joining Badminton Classes :
1. Helps to develop stamina a lot in children as they have to be constantly moving in order to hit the shuttlecock
2. It helps to improve reflexes and agility.
3. It mainly also helps improve pace, like players can smash shuttles at speeds over 200mph.
The Best music classes for Badminton are at :

Virugambakkam :
1. Pluma badminton court

Porur : 
1. Rsr Badminton Club

Tiruvottiyur :
1. SMART Sports Academy

Anna Nagar : 
1. Jaihind Shuttlers

palavakkam : 
1. Flash Badminton Academy

3. Cricket Coaching Classes:

Parents do observe that cricket is played almost near all beaches and in every empty road on holidays. Children have a craze not only in the game but also on the players. They are already fascinated by it.
Right age to play cricket : Cricket can be played at any age even at the age of 4. The only constraint is that the child must be able to wear a helmet, lift the bat, etc. So preferable age would be from 7 or 8 years onwards.
Benefits of joining Cricket classes :
1. Cricket helps to understand Team Building, social skills, and coordination.
2. It also helps to develop stamina & endurance, balance, flexibility, motor skills, muscle toning, etc.
The best Cricket classes are :

Mylapore :  
1. City Cricket Academy

Teynampet : 
1. Phoenix Cricket Centre

Chrompet :
1. Asiatic Cricket Academy 

4. Basketball Classes:

Basketball is also played a lot like Cricket.
Right age to play Basketball : 8 or 9.
Benefits of Playing Basketball :
1. It helps to build positive role models,
2. Helps in emotional development,
3. Helps to build communication skills, teamwork, time management, etc.
The best Basket Classes are :

Thiyagaraya Nagar : 
1. Chennai Sports Academy
2. Basketball Club

Vyasarpadi :
1. Kum Kum Academy

Anna Nagar :
1. Sporty Beans

Tambaram :
1. Hillside Arena

5. Kickboxing Classes:

Kickboxing is full-body workout including all movements like knee strikes, punches, and kicks.
Right age to play Kickboxing classes : 6 or 7 years onwards.
Benefits of playing kickboxing classes :
1. Kickboxing helps to improve balance, is a stress reliever,
2. Helps to tone muscles, increase flexibility,
3. Have better circulation,
4. Improve coordination, etc.
The best Kickboxing Classes are at :

Sholinganallur : 
1. Vidyalaya After School Center

Madanandapuarm :
1. Redsweat fitness studio

Ramapuram :
1. Combat Kinetics

For more Kickboxing class details please check here

6. Karate Classes:

Right age to learn Karate : Above 4.
Benefits of joining Karate Classes :
1. Helps mainly to boost self-confidence in a child.
2. Helps to get better grades because it requires discipline,
3. Helps to focus better,
4. Set goals also helps to build cognitive functions.
The Best Karate classes are at :

For more Karate class details Please check here.

7. Boxing Classes:

Although there is a big discussion of whether boxing is safe for kids, but it is ok if boxing is done under the right supervision.
Right age to learn Boxing : Above 12 years.
Benefits of Joining Boxing Classes :
1. Boost self-confidence,
2. Activates Endorphins which is a good hormone,
3. It helps to improve focus & concentration,
4. It is great for the mind.
The Best Boxing classes are at :

For more Boxing class details Please check here

8. Silambam Or Silambattam Classes:

Silambam is a good form of cardio workout.
Right age to play Silambattam : Above 4
Benefits of joining Silambattam :
1. It helps to reduce weight,
2. Improves flexibility and
3. Reflexive movements of joints and muscles.
The Best music classes for Silambam are at :

Besant Nagar :
1. JG Silambam School

For more Silambam or Silambattam class details Please check here

Art Classes For Your Kids:

Many kids love to paint or draw in young age itself. Some children show interest on their own, whereas some also show interest because it’s in their blood.

1. Drawing Classes:

Children learn writing through drawing, they are introduced to it at the young age itself. Some children show interest in drawing later, this can be noticed when they try to draw new pictures on their own.
Right age to join drawing Classes : There is no fixed age to learn drawing, it can be learned at a very young age itself.
Benefits of doing drawing :
1. Helps to increase the capacity of the brain.
2. It promotes friendship.
3. It also helps to build motor skills.
The Best Drawing classes are at

For more Drawing class details Please check here

Image result for drawing kids

2. Painting Classes:

Painting is also an art developed at a young age. Children love to paint something on the walls, which is left in some families without disturbing them.
Right age to join Painting Classes : No specific age for painting.
Benefits of joining Painting Classes :
1. Helps to strengthen memory.
2. Improves creativity.
3. Develops problem-solving and motor skills.
4. Relieves stress.
5. Promotes optimism and
6. Nurtures emotional growth.
The Best Painting classes are at

Vadapalani :
1. Apple Kids
2. Tanjore Paintings

West Mambalam :
1. Dessin School Of Arts

Ashok nagar :
1. Chennai Art School 

3. Embroidery Classes:

Embroidery is a nice art for the children to learn. It helps them to have a skill that will last a lifetime.
Right age to learn Embroidery : Above 4.
Benefits of joining Embroidery classes :
1. Helps to nurture creativity and ingenuity.
2. It adds to the life skills for adulthood,
3. Helps in eye-hand coordination.
4. Color theory.
5. It also helps to grow Entrepreneuring skills.
The best Embroidery Classes are at :

4. Art and Creativity:

Right age to join Art and Creativity : Above 4.
Benefits of joining Art and creativity Classes :
1. It helps to create self-confidence.
2. Problem-solving skills, resilience, etc.
The Best music classes for Art Creativity are at :

Perungudi :
1. Kanchana paati
2. Global Art

Hope the information was useful. All these centers are well known for coaching class in Perungudi. They help the children to excel in whatever they choose to. They also provide the right path for the children to participate in tournaments, concerts, competitions, etc.