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Here is the list of Lord/God Krishna Names. If you are also looking for a spiritual and mythological name for your Baby boy, then your search ends with this list of  God Krishna Names….
Lord Krishna Names List


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According to Western numerology
Names Starting letter in English A,E,U
2013 Trendy girl Baby names for baby born on 28th August,2013 Anu,Achala,Aniruddha See More
2013 Modern Boy names for baby born on 28th August,2013 Abijiti,Umar Utaah See More
Lucky colour For New born baby in August month Dark Brown / Green / Navy Blue
Birth Stone Virgo
Planet Mercury
Numerology number 6
Zodiac Sign By Numerology Virgo
Birth flower Lily / Gladiolus
Element Earth
Character Of a baby born on 28th You are a person of trust and reponsibilty.If there is only one person to be trusted in this world ,it is likely the person is you. Your concern for your friends and aquaintances and the extent you involve yourself in mitigating their problems is may be the epitome of a good friend and advisor.Your shortcoming lies in your propensity to thrust your viewpoint on others.You tend to take other persons preferences and desires for granted as a result of which you may be forced to face embarrassments and humiliations after doing everything you could consciously do for a person’s welfare.You also do not know the difference between helping a person and interfering in his learning process,which invariably is through the path of struggle.You are governed by pure emotions even in deciding your partner without considering the practicalities



According to tamil panchangam
பிறந்த நட்ச்சத்திர மற்றும் இராசி கணனம்
பிறந்த தேதி, நேரம் 28-August-2013 Wednesday : 12.00.00 am
நட்ச்சத்திரம் கார்த்திகை
இராசி ரிஷப ராசி
நாமகரண எழுத்து அ,இ,உ,எ,ஆ,ஈ
திதி சப்தமி
காலம் தக்ஷிணாயனம்
ஆண்/பெண் ஆண்
Surya uthayam(sun rise) 05:57 30 am – Asia/Kolkata
நல்ல நேரம் காலை: 08:57-09:57 மாலை: 03:57-04:57
கெளரி நல்ல நேரம் காலை: 10.30-11.30 மாலை: 6.30-7.30
யோகம் சித்தயோகம்
நட்ச்சத்திர யோகம் ஆயுஷ்மான்
Pagal(Day) இராகு: 11:57-01:27 , குளி: 10:27-11:57 , எம: 07:27-08:57
Iravu(Night) இராகு: 12:23-01:53 , குளி: 03:23-04:53 , எம: 12:23-01:53



Panchangam for August 28th 2013
Weekday Wednesday
Nakshatra Krithika Start Time : 27/08/13 10:20 AM

End Time : 28/08/13 12:41 PM
Tithi Ashtami Start Time : 28/08/13 02:06 AM

End Time  : 29/08/13 04:10 AM
Paksha Krishna Paksha
Karana Balava Start Time : 28/08/13 02:06 AM

End Time : 28/08/13 03:04 PM

Kaulava Start Time : 28/08/13 03:04 PM

End Time : 29/08/13 04:10 AM
Yoga Vyaghata Start Time : 27/08/13 04:18 PM

End Time : 28/08/13 04:48 PM
Rahu 12:10 pm – 1:42 pm
Yamaganda 7:33 am – 9:05 am
Gulika 10:37 am – 12:10 pm




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