Dear All,

Healthy Pregnancy, safe childbirth, healthy baby and faster post natal recovery requires discipline, healthy diet and exercise by the expecting mother. Eating a well balanced diet at frequent intervals will help in the absorption of the nutrients and avoid acidity, heart burns and constipation and keep away unhealthy cravings.  Having the breakfast, lunch and dinner early and on time can control the weight gain and keep gestational diabetes at bay.3 to 4 liters of fluids which include water and other beverages would be ideal, intake of a whole fruit is better than its juices.  The ideal weight gain through out the pregnancy must be with in 9 to 12 kgs for a single fetus. Control on the intake of Sugars, processed food and junk is important as whatever the mother eats she also puts it in to her growing babies system.

“Health is a heritage; healthy habits that you would want to inculcate in your child will be a reflection of your habits and lifestyle”

Take care… God Bless…

With love


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