I had a C-section done in Sept 2008, The child was born 32 weeks premature. It had to be kept in a incubator. The child didn’t survive beyond 7 hours. the neonatologist Deepa Hariharan ( in Soorya hospital) told us that the lungs had not grown fully and that had increased the child’s mortality rate by 90%.

Before the C-section, I was admitted at the nursing home at 2.00am as I was suffering from diarrhea. The doctor didn’t attend till 11.00am, only after repeated requests from my husband and father did she oblige. She was not able diagnise what could be the problem and wanted to take a ultrasound scan. The scan revealed that there was very less amniotic fluid and to save the child a caesarian operation had to be performed.

The point I’m trying to make here is that though the doctor Chanda Balaji lives just above the nursing home, didn’t come to attend me immediately,when her nurses ( who treat her like god) who claim that they had informed her about this , she would just say to give glucose to me and to keep checking my blood pressure.

I was frequantly urinating, followed by several short spasms of pain.They (the doctor or the nurses) were not able to explain why.  Its only after searching the internet I found out that ther are two types of water breakage :

1. The water breaks in a gush

2. The water can start trickling (this happened in my case)

Chanda Balaji didn’t even know the difference and kept saying that its not labour pain.

The nursing home has only 1 doctor who has some experience and that too only in assisting in deliveries which have very less complications or near normal delivery.

We used to take the monthly ultrasounds at her nursing home and when we asked why they couldn’t find out if the lungs very normal or not, they immediately replied that its not visible in a normal ultrasound, even the neonatologist Deepa hariharan told the same thing and told us that its only visible using a 4D scan. This theory has been rubbished by a senior gynaecologist in E.V.Kalyani hospital.

Please DO NOT go to this nursing home as they only speak sweetly but they really lack the technical expertise needed to handle a complicated situation. We went there because my elder sister had had a succesful delivery though her delivery was normal.

The nurses and the receptionist will create a situation where the doctor would be made to look all important and highly talented but its total deception.

The doctor is also very particular that all lab tests are to be done in her nursing home and even the ultrasound is to be done at her premise. The medicines she prescribes are also really costly.

The child had to placed in a incubator and that was sought from Sooriya hospital. The doctor was insistent on Sooriya hospital (its around 15 km), I guess they have some tie-up.

I would say the Children’s hospital ( a goverment hospital) in Egmore is far better equipped.

I really don’t want anyone else to undergo this horrible experience. Please lookout for a hospital which has experience and equipment to handle situations like this.