Hi moms,

Please check the Pregnancy Do’s and Don’ts in First Trimester,Second Trimester and Third Trimester.

Pregnancy Do’s :


Proper Food Menu During First,Second and Third trimester of Pregnancy:


Intake of proper food during pregnancy is the must which is a first and foremost nutrition feed for your baby in each trimester



Check up During First,Second and Third Trimester of Pregnancy:


You must meet your gynecologist in time for each pregnancy check up.And take Blood test,vaccination and practice healthy diet as per her advice.



Exercise,yoga and Meditation during First,Second,Third Trimester of Pregnancy:


Exercise,yoga and Meditation are the must during your pregnancy according to your health condition.




Follow Proper Sleeping Positions in First,Second,Third Trimester of Pregnancy:


Have a peaceful sleep during pregnancy, Check proper sleeping positions in First,Second,Third Trimester of Pregnancy

Good sleeping position during pregnancy



Pregnancy Don’ts :


Avoid Mercury Fishes During First,Second and Trimester:


Pregnant women should avoid fishes which has high mercury content.Check what all fishes are good and bad during pregnancy.

Avoid Stress and Tension in First,Second and Third Trimester of Pregnancy:


Avoid Stress and Tension in pregnancy,Hear music and stay in peace,Do meditation which gives you a very calmness for both baby and you.



Avoid too much Junk Foods in First,Second and Third Trimester of Pregnancy:   

Avoid Junk Foods like Pizza,Pasta,maggie etc  once in a while you can have but not too much instead have helathy foods.