Business women are in a constant demand to exuberate confidence and leave a strong stamp asserting their stand to the world. In the working atmosphere, where the male’ crowd form a clear majority of the total population, women need to perform well and throw a clear attitude that says they are equal competitors and no less. There is no way better than one’s dressing, to shoot a clear message to anyone who is around. A survey tells that 41 percent of the employers prefer people who are dressed smart for the job as their appearance subtly conveys that the person is motivated with unbridled enthusiasm.

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Here a few dressing tips that all professional women should follow –

Dress smart and according to the situation

Your wardrobe surely would contain a plenitude of dresses, confusing you on what to wear. Business casuals, ethnic wear, party wear and so on and so forth are tough to choose upon! But the trick for a well-dressed woman is to dress smartly as per the situation ahead of her.

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Be wise in choosing colours

Avoid flashy colours that are too catchy or distracting. Opt for mild colours that are pleasant, on ordinary days. On days when you have an important presentation or when you are about to seal a big deal, go for darker colours as they make a stronger impression.

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Perfect makeup – Becoming a doll is not the intention

The most important dressing tip is your makeup! It has the potential to uplift your appearance and make you look ravishing or turn the story otherwise and spoil your entire look.

Go for cosmetics that settle well with your skin shade and enhance your facial features.

Choose what you carry

The bag you carry is your ultimate self-customised signature of style and fashion. There are plenty of options to try, but remember you are working in a professional setup and pick a bag that complements the surrounding and your dress appropriately. Leather bags, totes, handbags, backpacks are essential bags that each woman must possess for different occasions.

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The right footwear – because your shoes complete your look

The simple rule with footwear is – Choose one that goes well with the dress and bag! Flats, wedges, shoes, peep-toes, stilettos, pointed heels can all be tempting to buy and stack up at home. But see to it that, the footwear you buy for yourself is first comfortable! Do not let fashion overtake ease!


Pay attention to hair

Make sure that your hairstyle is neat and kempt without looking frivolous. Remember, this is not a party! You are in an office where there is serious business. Dress your hair appropriately with minimal accessories. Never go to office with wet hair as it gives an astray appearance.

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Use cologne – But don’t overdo it!

Do not forget to use a deo/cologne/perfume! Most offices are air conditioned and therefore, bad odour tends to spread instantly. It is very important to use the right amount. Using too less may go unnoticed and excessive application may be irritating for co-workers and suffocating.

Take care of nails

While dressing, we care so much about the dress and makeup that we miss out on the subtle details. One such factor is our hand and toe nails. They talk a lot about our general hygiene and cleanliness. File your nails timely, keep them dirt-free, remove any unwanted skin growths and take off chipped nail polish.

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More than the dressing and the apparels, the poise, confidence and the self-assuredness a woman displays that is her ultimate strength! When the right attitude and attire complement each other, that woman is going to pull all eyeballs!