Dust is mostly small quantities of human hair, animal hair, plant pollen, minerals from outdoor soil, skin cells, etc. It is a scientific fact that average amount of dust accumulated in a home is 40 pounds in a year. It is essential to keep our home clean so that many lung, fever and other health disorders are prevented.

1. No shoes:


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Always make sure that no one uses or brings shoes inside the home. Any dust from the shoe is not only unhygienic but also can create a mess. Make a space outside or in corner of your home to remove and keep shoes.

2. Swiffer:


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Swiffers are a lot better than mops as Swiffers collect the dust instead of pushing them aside. They help to collect dust, dirt, and stain. They are easily washable too. It is best to use a Swiffer in a home environment.

3. Simple home is tidy home:

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A simple home is always a tidy home. Remember, more things you have it is hard to maintain them. More simple the home is, it is easy to take care of them. For example, a house with too many clothes or utensils, give rise to the possibility of dust accumulation.

4. Take Care of bed:

washing duvet in machine

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Remember to wash bedding weekly especially with at least 130 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also use washable allergen to mattress and box spring. This helps to maintain the bed not only clean but also hygienic too.

5. Avoid heavy drapes:


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Heavy curtains cannot be cleaned that easily. They easily accumulate dust. Try to replace them with shutters or blinds. Not only that heavy curtains give rise for insects & fungus to grow.

6. Use Vacuum for couch:


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Just like heavy drapes, Couch also collect dust. It is best to use specially designed vacuum cleaners which can absorb dust. It is very important to dust them 3 weeks once.

7. Cushion Beating:


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In a house, whenever we step on the carpet, the dust becomes airborne. The best is to take the carpet and beat them for some time. Let all the dust come out. Wear a mask while beating the carpet.

8. Cleaning Room:


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The bathroom also plays an important role in the dust. If the bathroom is not tidy, then dust also gets accumulated on the door, ceilings, and every corner possible. So, it is crucial to maintain the restroom very clean. This can be done by checking pipes for leaks, cleaning walls with a non-toxic cleaner. On Pipes and Fixtures, there might be mold which has to be cleaned.

9. AirCon Cleaning:


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When we use Air Conditioner it is very crucial to clean the filter. All dust gets collected in the filter. If it is not cleaned, then the dust keeps circulating the air. It has to be cleaned weekly once to ensure its effectiveness. A blower can be used.

10. Pet Care:

Pet care

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Pets roam around everywhere, not just in the home but also outside. They jump on grass, mud, road, and have fun. It is very much essential to bathe the pet frequently so that they are healthy and also the dust from them do not spread elsewhere in the house.