Ask any mom and she would say there is nothing greater than the gift of a life growing inside you. The feeling is just pure magic. When one has the gift of life, it is more of a duty to take care of and safeguard this blooming bud for a lifetime.

In today’s world, the straightforward and safest way to protect the created life is to make regular visits to your usual hospital or maternity clinic to keep on track with the mother’s and baby’s health. The status scenario in India is not equal to the population, not everyone in the country is able to afford such care during pregnancy. It is really painful to see many orphans on the roads of India! In order to bridge the gap, the government has been taking initiatives to provide free maternity services for the people who are unable to afford.

One of the initiatives was, Janani Shishu Suraksha Karyakaram (JSSK), which was launched on 1st June 2011 by Government of India. This initiative was mainly for needy pregnant women who approach government facilities for their pregnancy care. Another reason for JSSK was to motivate women who preferred delivering the baby at home. It has been implemented in every State of India.

Under the JSSK scheme, pregnant women are entitled to:

  • Free and cashless delivery
  • Free C-Section
  • Free drugs and consumables
  • Free diagnostics
  • Free diet during stay in the health institutions
  • Free provision of blood
  • Exemption from user charges
  • Free transport from home to health institutions
  • Free transport between facilities in case of referral
  • Free drop back from Institutions to home after 48hrs stay

The benefits do not stop with pregnant women alone. There are entitlements for sick newborns till 30 days after birth as well. Major ones are:

  • Free treatment
  • Free drugs and consumables
  • Free diagnostics
  • Free provision of blood
  • Exemption from user charges
  • Free Transport from Home to Health Institutions
  • Free Transport between facilities in case of referral
  • Free drop Back from Institutions to home

The scheme is now being expanded to cover sick infants as well.

Know more specific details about this scheme here: JSSK

Recently, at Kolhapur, an extent to the JSSK scheme, Kolhapur Municipal Corporation (KMC) have introduced free ambulance service for pregnant women across the district. They are also implementing further aspects of nutritional meal and medicines needed during pregnancy time.

The Chief Health Officer of KMC, Arun Wadekar said: “The service will be provided to women getting admitted to Savitribai Phule Hospital. The service to bring women to the hospital and taking them back home will be free of cost. Also, if the newborn requires special care, the parents can avail the service till the baby completes one year. The service is free for women post pregnancy for 42 days. The service will be available for all women across the city.”

The government has made it compulsory to provide free food, medicines and blood for needy pregnant women under this scheme. The corporation (KMC) has a telephone line opened for getting an ambulance, contact: 0231-2642687.

It is really heart-warming to see these initiatives taken by this corporation and it would be great if this kind of schemes gets spread wide throughout the country and prevent the death of many pregnant women or newborn babies. Wish the country becomes healthy by having more healthier health schemes for the needy people.

Photo Courtesy: The Better India