“Ithuve en kattalai, En kattalaiye saasanam” dialogue by Sivagami has gone viral among all Bahubali lovers. Every scene in the movie of her role gave us all goosebumps. Not to forget Devasena, “Azhage poramai padum oru perazhagi” won the hearts of many with her grace. Both the roles changed the opinion on women by showing that femininity and masculinity go hand-in-hand.

Here are few things which you could learn in life to show that you are no less than others in the world.

1. Self-Respect

When Devasena and Baahubali revealed to Sivagami that they like each other, Sivagami asks Baahubali to forget her as she had promised her son Bhallala Deva that she would get him married to Devasena. Here, Devasena refuses to marry Bhallala Deva as she has all rights to choose her life partner and she chose to be with Baahubali.

“You should learn to not give up your Self-Respect and you should always stand up for your decision”

2. Dependence on self

Devasena’s introduction scene where she enters a village and gets attacked by intruders, she attacks them solely without anybody’s help. She also saves that village from further complications.

“You should learn to go through every obstacle in your own in life by being independent”

3. Adaptability

Devasena lives in the kingdom named Kundala Desam and is an expert in bow and arrow. The kingdom was attacked by one of their rival kingdoms. Here, when she was attacked by enemies, Baahubali teaches her how to use three arrows at one go to kill as many people. Although she has been practising with two arrows, she could instantly adapt and learn to shoot with three arrows at one go.

“You should learn to develop skills quickly to adapt to the situation in every situation of your life”

4. Generosity

Sivagami’s husband couldn’t become the King as he was physically disabled. Hence, his younger brother was crowned the King. Sivagami gives birth to Bhallala Deva while the younger brother’s wife dies right after giving birth to Baahubali. The younger brother also dies in a war. Thus, Baahubali became orphaned but Sivagami considers him as her own son and treats him with the same love and affection that she shows for her own son.

“You should learn to be kind to other members of your family and accept every relation equally important”

5. Leadership

When Baahubali’s parents died and there was no one to become the next King of Magizhmathi, Sivagami took the role of protecting the kingdom as Rajmatha. She handled the critical situations in the kingdom very well by being a leader.

“You should develop decision-making skills and be a leader in life to guide your family with courage during both good and bad times of life”

6. Maturity

Sivagami chose Baahubali as the King, though she had her own heir to become the King of Magizhmathi. She did not discriminate between Bhallaladeva and Baahubali. She gave both her sons equal chances to prove their skills to become the King of Magizhmathi.

“You should learn to be matured by being more practical while taking major decisions in your family”

7. Acceptance

Sivagami accepts her mistake of taking the wrong decision of killing Baahubali – husband of Devasena. She promises to Devasena that she will give her life to keep her son safe in a protected place.

“You should learn to accept your mistake. Never make the mistake again and try to compensate it with by doing good deeds”

8. Forgiveness

Devasena gets furious when she came to know that the person behind her husband’s death was Sivagami. Later, Sivagami apologises to her for not understanding her son Bahubali. Then, Devasena realises that it was an unintentional mistake by Sivagami, she forgives her for what she has done and asks her to take her son (the younger Baahubali) to a safe place.

“You should learn to forgive people if they apologise genuinely for their mistake because relationship is important than the bigger evil called “EGO”

9. Patience

After the death of her husband Baahubali, Princess Devasena was tied in a chain within the Kingdom. She suffered for 25 years with a hope that her son would come back and rescue her. Her son comes back and the scenario totally changes in the story.

“You should learn to be patient to reach your goal. Patience = Success”

10. Bravery

Sivagami in order to protect her Kingdom from bad people, she fights her enemies with her baby in the hand. And also, Devasena mutilates a harasser in the kingdom while she was pregnant to protect her dignity.

“You should learn to be brave to safeguard yourself and family. Learn to be your own saviour”

11. Equality

The movie typically depicts the role of women and men equally. The best example is the role of Sivagami and Devasena, who were no less than the men in the movie.

“You should believe in yourself and prove that you are no less than others. You are not here to fight equality. You are here to prove that you are equally competent”

Overall, the Baahubali-2 was a fresh breather for all movie-goers, especially women. This is not just for the good things that the movie has taught us but also for the more positive and respectful way in which the leading women were portrayed in the movie. This is a far cry from the first part which had huge uproar for the objectification of the leading lady, Tamannah.