Best Father’s Day Tamil Kavithai and SMS Quotes
Father’s day is celebrated to express love and respect for one’s father. The celebration date varies in different parts of the world, but in most countries Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June every year.


  • One father Is more than a hundred School masters
  • For the best dad who always had a smile for me. Though we may be far apart right now, But here’s a big hug and kiss for you To let you know how special you are

           Happy Father’s Day!

     F = Forever With His Family

                               A = Always There For You No Matter What

         T = The Only One Who’s There

         H = He’s My Hero Till The End

                  E = Encouraging In Everything I Do

R = Really The Only One…


No One Can Beat Him He’s The Best!!!

When I was born,

You were there to catch me when i fall, whenever and wherever.

When i said my first words,

You were there for me,

to teach me the whole dictionary if need be.

When i took my first steps,

You were there to encourage me on.

I know you will be there for me through all these times and more, the good and bad.

So i just wanted to say I LOVE YOU DAD. Happy Father’s Day

or all the laughter and smiles,

For the happiness & good times,

For Listening & caring…

And loving & sharing..

For your strong shoulders And kind heart

Love You!

Happy Fathers Day.


A Dad is someone who wants to catch you before you fall but instead

you before you fall but instead

picks you up, bruses you off

and lets you try again.”

Happy Father’s Day

“My father didn’g tell me how to live;

he lived, and let me watch him do it.”

A father is a source of strength,

A teacher and a guide

the one his family look up to

with loving trust and pride.

A father is a helper

with a willing hand to leand,

A partner an adviser

and the finest kind of friend


Happy fathers day to a great Dad