Bhaiya! Mere size ka Bra Dikhao Na?

This Awkward moment where the woman is hesitating to tell her size and the man is in the state where he has to scan through and bring the right size. Don’t worry, the man is so experienced in the field, he identifies the right size in a second.

Anyway, stop smiling to yourself now! We all know that every woman in India would have gone through this situation. But, it is the right time to widen our views and opinions on bras and breasts!

We, women, need to take it seriously, as we are the ones who are affected with Bras and Breasts Issues. As we all know, wearing “the right size” bra is important for us and we need to break the stereotypes to avoid “the awkward bra shopping experience!”. And most importantly, Breast Cancer, Women tend to shy away from the word “breasts” and never talk about it publicly. Don’t you think it is an issue we need to be more worried about? Yes! It is! Ladies, go ahead and touch yourself regularly and check if there is any lump in your breasts. In case, if you have any issues, talk about it openly to others.

C’mon ladies, we all should break the mental chain!

Watch this video, where Aditi Mittal has spoken about the issue hilariously AND quite sensibly.

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Photo Courtesy: Stand Up Planet