One of the worst parts of suffering a great loss is the feeling of utter isolation. The problem of loneliness, which exists for countless people, requires deeper healing than simply seeking out company. Loneliness can happen in a crowd and may feel most intense when you find yourself alone on a packed city street.

As a child, it was easier to cure loneliness, because the presence of a parent was enough to offer reassurance. As an adult, loneliness becomes more existential–it feels as if you have been abandoned, yet you cannot say by whom. If you suffer from loneliness, have the intention to befriend yourself; ask for spirit to comfort you with its presence.

Children need constant reassurance that they are loved because their sense of self is undeveloped and therefore fragile. By hearing “I love you,” they gain a core of self-worth. As long as this core is strong, a person can withstand the loss of love, even though it may bring intense pain.

When the core of self-love has become too weak, despair is the result. In some people it was never strong enough to begin with; in others the intensity of grief has proved too much. Ask spirit to come in and repair your innate sense of being loved. Affirm today that you can feel loved within yourself, even after a great loss.