First-Aid box in a Toddler’s House
Toddlers become increasingly more social and active as they grow, but this also means contacting more germs and frequency of falling sick or getting injured goes up as well. In a home with a toddler it is essential to have some basic first-aid and medicines in the medicine cabinet. Ensure that it well-stocked and keep checking from time-to-time to replace supplies as they get over or expire.
It should have some basic stuff like :
1.    Antiseptic solution to clean scratches or wounds
2.    Sterilized cotton pads or balls for cleaning, bandaging etc.
3.    Bandages of different sizes
4.    Adhesive tapes
5.    Elastic bandage or crepe bandage
6.    Antiseptic wipes to clean wounds easily
7.    Oral Rehydration Solution specially meant for children to rehydration in case of diaorrhea or fever
8.    Nasal saline solution
9.    Bulb syringe or nasal aspirator to clear a congested nose
10.    Liquid crocin or calpol as prescribed by doctor
11.    An anti-allergic antihistamine for allergic reactions
12.    Calamine lotion to ease itching in case of mosquito bites or rashes
13.    Antiseptic cream or lotion
14.    Anti-burn lotion or cream
15.    A medicine dropper or measuring spoon
16.    Hand Sanitizer
17.    Alcohol wipes to clean hands and equipment like thermometer etc.
18.    Digital thermometer
19.    Small safety scissors
20.    A pair of forceps
21.    A small flashlight or torch
22.    Paeditrician phone number and other emergency phones numbers
23.    Other prescription medicines like cough syrup, cold medicines etc.