I am a foodie and during that time of the month i.e. “periods” my cravings are high and I make sure to satisfy my cravings. Any food that makes me happy; I am on it and truly, it brings happiness and makes me feel comfortable. To me, during period all you need is happiness and satisfying your cravings leads to it. Do you all agree with me? Every woman on earth undergo mood swings during periods and they have cravings. Few might crave for sugary items and few for spicy items.

I asked few people from the surroundings where I live; they mentioned few foods that would comfort them during periods. So, collectively I would like to list few and here it goes:


Yeah, I know it’s everyone’s favourite! But more close to women as they are the ones with a bundle of hormonal changes happening every month and every day. It’s very difficult you know! So, we need some soothing to get away with cravings and mood swings. Chocolates have helped many by reducing stress in them.

Ice cream

I met my neighbour the other day and fortunately she was my childhood friend too. She had come for vacation as she studies abroad. We sat and had nice conversations; she started cribbing how bad her life is and how she wish she could go back to olden days. I was soothing her and suddenly she was like let’s have ice creaaaammm!!! No wonder she was on her period! Duh!


My niece had come to my place for a night stay and yeah we had a nice time chatting. But, the whole night all she had was Nutella; I was like why you binging it. She was like Dude! I am on my period! Please stop giving me such looks! Nutella makes me happy 🙂. See, I told you during that time of the month, we really don’t care about our health; all we need is happiness!

Dark Chocolate

You must be wondering why dark chocolate separately? I know it is a chocolate but I found that these women prefer only dark chocolate nothing else. It is simple that they just prefer Dark Chocolate. I came across this as comfort food when I had gone to the neighbourhood aunty’s place as she had returned from the US after a very long time. When I entered her house; I saw her having dark chocolate. I was like aunty doesn’t it taste bad? She gave a bad stare and was like normal chocolate lovers will not understand the taste of Dark Chocolate. I was like whoa! Intense! Mood swings!


That spongy and creamy layers; who would say no to it? By looking at it brings happiness! I have seen my friends binging cakes when they are on period. I eat them, but not only on my period but other times too. So Tempting! Yummm!!


Cheesy Juicy Burgers! Name itself is like Wow! I need it right now! By the way, I am not that great lover of burgers or pizzas but I have seen many going gaga over it. These are the ones who orders double cheese Margherita pizza. I will be like, dude! It is double cheese! Will you be able to finish it? Because I won’t be eating this. They will be like you just sit and watch how it disappears. And I am like whoa! Seriously?!? Thanks to the cravings man!


Bananas! It reminds me of minions going crazy about bananas. My own sister has banana cravings during the period. I was like how can you have something healthy as a comfort food? This is not fair! Then later, I just consoled myself saying that after all, it is her happiness. She is always happy eating bananas during her period. Weird right? Yes, it is.

Spicy foods

How did I even forget this? Yes, after chocolates I prefer spicy food. Spicy foods like pickles, vada pav and dhokla. I crave for a pickle or salty food items after binging chocolates or any other sweets. Many women crave for spicy foods when they end up having too much of sugar.


There is a juice shop near my house. Recently, I went there to have watermelon juice and observed that oreo milkshakes were on trend and even now people prefer it. In that shop who preferred the most were college going girls. Among them, I asked a girl why are you soo crazy about Oreos? All she said was it makes her happy.


Ahhh! Cookies!!! My mother used to love cookies and she used to binge when she was on her period. Now her menopause is treating her differently! Never mind! So anyone out there who loves cookies?? I do! 😉

These are the comfort foods I could collectively come up with. So, guys if you have any further suggestions or foods that need to be added, please share your views in the comment section below.

Have a Happy Period! Yay!