When we were a kid, sure our parents would have told a lie just to keep us away from the topic or activity and the same would have been carried forward to next generation kids by us. The way the kid gets convinced and later on in life how they realise it was a lie, those are the funny moment to cherish about and share with others.

Here are some of the funny moments shared by people in this Reddit Post:

1. Dad convinced his son that he had a tail

I convinced my son that he had a tail. When he was learning body parts I just added one.

“Where is your head?”. He would point to his head

“Where are your feet?”. He would point to his feet.

“Where is your tail?”. He would point to this little spot above his butt.

He is 4 now and I still ask him about his tail sometimes. He said that it fell off, but he will still tell me where it used to be.

2. This little brat convinced the sister that she was deaf

“I convinced my little cousin that she was deaf by muting the television and unplugging the speakers to the computer. When she came to me screaming for help, I mouthed words at her.”

3. This parent convinced the students that he was a robot

“I told them I was a robot, and “proved” it by doing math in my head.

They were in second grade, I was in college, and about the hardest problem they could think up was “What’s a thousand plus a thousand?”

The robotics program over at the college is doing some very impressive things, I told them.”

4. Family tradition of speaking lies

“A family tradition. If you tell a lie a black dot will appear on your tongue that only adults will see. In a he said- she said argument, it’s easy to pick the kid that’s telling the truth because he’s the only one that will open his mouth.”

5. Cool dad well played with his kids

“My dad used to tell us that if we lay perfectly still in the backyard for long enough then vultures would circle us and then land to try and eat us. My brother and I would lay silently in the backyard for hours while my dad sat inside watching TV and drinking beer. Well played dad….well played.”

6. Beautiful mother convinced her kid to eat spinach

“Reminded me of how my mother tricked me into eating spinach. She told me that it would make me strong enough to lift the house like popeye, so I would eat a whole heap and she’d run with me outside and i’d try and lift the house, scrunching my eyes up from the effort and she’d go “It moved, you lifted it a little bit, go eat some more!”

Parents are cunning bastards.” 🙂

7. Babysitter scares the kid

“Once a kid who I was babysitting was scared of monsters so I said that there was a monster repelling app on my phone. I said that it made a high pitched sound that people couldn’t hear, but the monsters were afraid of it. So I pretended to open the app and turn the volume up on my phone and set it down on his dresser. He went right to sleep. Now obviously this wasn’t to mess with him, but he apparently asked his parents if they could get the app, and I wasn’t hired again.”

8. The son believes his dad is a Batman

“I’ve been telling my son that I am batman ever since he was a baby, he’s 4 now. He has a couple batman toys that he shows to people and tells them, “this is my daddy”

9. Finest Uncle-ing till date

“I only lie to children if it helps me in the end. I convinced my 3-year-old nephew that the Hulk got his powers from eating green beans, Spiderman got his powers from Mac and Cheese, and Wonderwoman gets her strength from chicken nuggets. It’s the cleanest I’ve ever seen his plate. Probably my finest Uncle-ing to date.”

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