We Indian women have all gone through these stages and continue to go through them every time!

The first cramps arrive. But, you are able to handle them.

But, you are mentally prepared to handle whatever comes next.

The first spot of blood arrives.

The next day, you realize that the dam has broken.

You finally tell your orthodox mom about it and she makes a fuss about letting you into the kitchen.

You are easily bored.

And frustrated with almost everything.

Ow! The second wave of cramps arrive.

At that exact moment, a stupid ad for Stayfree or Whisper will play on TV.

You feel a searing pain in your legs.

All you want to do is to curl up in bed and eat chocolates.

You just want to wear whatever’s comfy.

You try and avoid stupid questions people ask.

Sometimes, you just have to act nice.

You just want to eat ice cream and watch re-runs of Friends.

Every night, you keep ordering your body to end it soon.

As always, bae doesn’t understand what’s going on.

Suddenly, you feel better. Five minutes later, it all comes back.

You keep wishing to get old so that you can finally say goodbye to periods.

And one day, it goes away. Time for a happy dance!