Facial care makes us look more charming and beautiful.There are many types of facial but Golden facial are more effective than others bacause Gold Facials are powerful anti-ageing treatments, with revitalizing and rejuvenating effects.It stimulates blood circulation and improves the skin’s own elasticity.
Due to golden facial dark spots and wrinkles will be easily removed.Pressure pointers can be done only by the experts through massaging nicely.The following are the methods to apply golden facial which were consulted by the beautician experts
1.At first narrow pack should be applied on the face which includes mixture of egg,rose water and thaniyam for ten minutes.
2.Next apply milk on the face and massage nicely so that unwanted skin can be removed by that process.
3.After that wash the face with water then apply golden cream mixed with milk and pressure pointer will be done by massaging face nicely.
4.Next for 45min massage should be done for removing black marks.
5.Apply golden gel,kalvani machine to the face at positive and negative for 5min and massage will be done.
6.Clean face with cloth and apply golden pack in the face and Shaweed lotion is applied around eyes.
7.Cotton should be kept over eyes.After some time clean face and apply Sha bate cream throughout face.
By these methods face will be look more beautiful and shiny.