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Good Idea very worthy who want to earn money frm home


Hiiii all of you Hope every one are doing gud and u r kids are also doing healthy and fine…

I  just  want to share my personal experience with all of you  which is very useful and worthy who wanted to earn money from home.This is the idea will give u peacefull life and wealthy and u can take care of your children too while u r working  from home..

If you are a educated women means u r a graduate or a Post graduate having small kids and there is no other option to go from home to work and earn money then here is the way….What u need to do is Just start a Tuition Point at your home for LKG TO Tenth and give value education to everybody and share u r knowledge with them and take charges depending upon the strain and u r valuable time that you will earn money while you are learning and taking care of your kids and this will enhance your mind and thoughts also…

I was a Lecturer before pregnancy and i have nearly 2 years of experience as a lecturer and administrator too ..Now i am at Home because my kid is too small to go for office and he is 7 months old too so i can not sit ideal at home and i have started a tuition point 2 1/2 months ago it is running successfully and i am giving my total efforts to every kid and i am very happy when a new student  is joing everyday….i am spending hardly 2 to 3 hours in the evening session and 2 hours in the early morning i am earning much and if your husband is having a Off in Weekends also u can work as a Weekend employer as Taking Home tuitions to the students and those people are paying very high if they like your teaching and you can demand according to the distance if it is very far from your place….Recently i have started taking Home tuitions in the weekends nothing but in saturday and sunday mornings…. if we are through at the subject and want to share u r knowledge to others and passion to teach then choose this option which is very good and worthy too i am very happy now and with lots of smiles i am writing this blog because i am tension free now….

So moms do not sit ideal and do not think  i can not earn?how can i earn?where can i earn? just stop thinking and start teaching

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