Indian festivals are known for their unique way of celebration. Apart from maintaining various traditions and rituals during the festivals, people also prepare delicious food items to make the occasion more special, joyfull for all.

                 Check the famous and delicious dishes prepared during Holi. After playing color one enjoys eating these foods with great pleasure. Holi is also famous for the variety of sweets that are offered to the visitors that come to apply colors and enjoy the sweets offered by the host.


Mathura Peda


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Krishna-nagari Mathura celebrates Holi for more than a week. This is the time when lord Krishna’s followers from all over the globe gathers here and fill the air with non-stop love and fun. People combine in one place, play Holi and exchange sweet gifts like the famous Mathura Peda-which was originated from the city itself. It is also considered as Prasadas (gracious edible gift). Post boiling pure milk for hours, sugar and dry fruits are used to prepare this delicious sweet which generally comes in round shape.Click here for recipes

Agra ka Petha


           2013 list of sweet and recipes for holi festival in india -

Agra ka Petha; named after the city of Agra is a uniquely delicious sweet which is available in nearly 50 varieties including Cube Petha, Angoori Petha, Kesar Petha, Mango Petha, Chocolate Petha etc. Among all varieties, the ivory white is considered to be the traditional one. Interestingly, it melts in your mouth and tastes great. Definitely, a great sweet to gift or eat during Holi.Click here for petha recipes



            2013 list of sweet and recipes for holi festival in india -

When it comes to celebrating Holi, the popular sweet Gujiya automatically strikes the mind. This delectable sweet is prepared using almonds, cashew, flour, sugar, raisins and khoya. Like the truth that nothing good comes without extra endeavor, Gujiyas also take time and effort to be in its real form.  But its taste is truly worth the effort.  Preparing it during Holi is considered to be a must by many Indians. Interestingly, this sweet is shaped very much like the Bengali Peethas. Other than sweets, they can also be served as snacks and desserts.


Barfis and Laddus


           2013 list of sweet and recipes for holi festival in india -

Barfis and Laddus are popular in whole India-from North to South and East to West. They come in sundry varieties and tastes. Apart from having a deep cultural significance, they are also considered as Prasadas and readily prepared during different festivals and events including Diwali and Holi.  One delicious Holi special Laddu is Mava Paneer Ladoo which is prepared using paneer, khoya, sugar, cardamoms and chopped nuts. Coconut Barfis are perhaps the most popular of all Barfis preparation of which needs freshly grated coconut, khoya, sugar, cardamom powder, saffron and ghee.




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Different regions of India, predominantly in Bengal and some parts of easternmost India, people celebrate Holi with Sondesh which is by nature a popular Bengali sweet. To some extent, Sondesh is similar to Peda. Preparing Sondesh in its real flavour demands much expertise. Available in dissimilar size and shape; this delicacy is also prepared using many seasonal fruits like Pineapple, Mango, Apple etc. Generally; milk, sugar, cardamom powder, saffron are used for its preparation.

There are many others apart from those mentioned above. Holi automatically prepares Indians to think of sweets as diverse as Mava Milk Cake, Gulab Jamun, Rasgulla etc.

Puran Poli:


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These are made in small doughs after which they are fried and served hot.

Along with sweets come Pakoras, Vadas and Papris.




                2013 list of sweet and recipes for holi festival in india -


It is a cool drink made of poppy seeds, aniseeds, black peppercorns and rose petals, the buds and leaves of Cannabis using a mortar and pestle into a green paste. It is then mixed with milk, ghee, and spices which is latter on served along with ice cubes in the glass.

Kanji Ke Vade:


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It is made of urad ki dal and is socked in water of rai and a flavored drink is originated which is sour in flavour.

Lastly, ‘Kanji-ke-Vade’ and ‘Thandai’ put further excitement (holey holey) into one’s already (holy holi) mood..Happy Holi Holi



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