Women are the unsung heroes of every household. In most of the houses, she would be the first person to wake up and the last one to hit the bed at night. She rolls out every day with a big agenda of keeping everyone around her happy and content. There will be three members in the house and each will have different tastes. She will take out time to cook others’ favourites, but never will she have time to enjoy a nice hot meal. When she is in the middle of her shower, her husband would want her help to find the other sock; the kid would suddenly remember to get the leave application signed and when she finally heaves in relief after sending them off, the baby in the crib would require a diaper change. And after all this, she has to clock a minimum of 8 hours at work. When the clock strikes six, she wouldn’t even take a moment to relax. She would have already begun to rack her brains about that day’s dinner menu. This is the typical day of every working woman in our country.

The business world has become more dynamic and our jobs have become more demanding. With the increased use of technology like social media and mobile devices, people are connected like never before and it has become almost impossible for us to separate work from our personal lives. Receiving calls from work on weekends with emergency work requests and follow-up emails past midnight have become a common phenomenon in all of our houses now. How many of you were tempted to check your work mail when you were on a vacation with your family? We have always believed in the concept, “The busier you are, the more successful you get.” Employees also tend to forgo time from their personal lives and spend 13-15 hours a day at the workplace. When you choose to bring homework and the stress from your workplace spills over your personal time, both your private and professional lives begin to suffer. When you don’t get enough time to loosen up at home after work, your productivity begins to take a hit. A healthy work-life balance lets you stay focused and pay attention to the work in hand. You will be able to perform at your best at work and attend to your personal callings at home and enjoy the experiences whole-heartedly with your family and friends. A poor work-life balance will affect your health profusely and could even lead to nervous breakdowns.

In our modern world, most of us take the standard 40-hour full time work week for granted. But should we? Is it really good for employees, and is it even good for companies? Maybe not, no matter how much we may overwork ourselves trying to save for retirement. This revealing infographic from InvestmentZen explains why a three day weekend is surprisingly actually scientifically proven to be better for both employers and employees.

Why Every Weekend Should Be A 3 Day Weekend

Via: InvestmentZen.com

International yoga expert Colleen Saidman strongly recommends yoga for women in order to achieve comprehensive well-being. She suggests that yoga has the power to bring about comfort, perspective, happiness and acceptance in our bodies. She advocates that specific body poses will lead to a dramatic change in our physical and emotional quotient. It is believed that applying the principles of yoga in your workplace makes it a much easier place to work in. Paying attention to your alignment and taking small breaks to perform breathing exercises are a few things that you could give a try. Condition your mind in such a way that you learn to choose peace over stress and appreciate those little in-between moments.

Yoga is all about achieving balance at all levels: physically, mentally and spiritually. Practising yoga helps you find the balance between your personal and professional lives in certain ways like letting you stay focused yet grounded; teaching you to stay level-headed and willing to pull out when required and most importantly stay healthy and feel good about yourself.

So let us all vow to take some time for ourselves from now on and take up yoga to live life in a holistic manner.

Photo Courtesy: Full Fit Sure