Having a home garden makes you feel like you’re in touch with Mother Nature. It’s one feeling that I’ve felt when I grew up in a home where we had an enormous garden. We all wish to have a home garden but we rarely know what’s needed to maintain it. Here are 14 things you should know about home garden.

Learn to setup and maintain a home garden

1. Finding The Location

Let’s see, when we want to setup a Home garden, the first thing that comes to mind is to find the right place for it. Best places to have it are the terrace, the balcony, some may prefer to be further inside the home, or even a glass house. It’s mandatory to keep in mind that the place must get adequate sunlight.


2. Create fresh space on the ground

The most fun part, setting the basement. Make it fresh, remove everything, grass, anything. Dig further, this makes the roots have more depth.


3. Making the soil better

Soil provides everything for the plant to grow. It’s like a mother for the plant. If the mother is healthy, the plants are. So, let us make her healthy. For this, add 3 inches layer of dry grass clippings, old manure, decayed leaves, etc to the soil.


4. Select what to grow

Plants are sensitive to climate. Some of the adaptable plants are Cosmos, Calendula, Zinnias, Sunflowers, etc. Vegetables such as pepper, Tomatoes, and cucumber also can be grown.



5. Adding Mulch and Compost

Many say Mulch is good for plants. Well, Mulch is anything from pine needles to cocoa hulls. Just make sure to buy one that decomposes in months. It protects soil from weeds. However, never use Mulch if there are sensitive plants. But, in most cases, compost made from vegetable scraps is the best kind of fertiliser your plant will need.


6. Mind the Bugs

You know all plants are really healthy and immune. Don’t know whether you like bugs, but they are not good for plants.  For example, Aphids are very well known carriers along with thrips which carry necrotic spot virus.


7. Avoid placing too many at a place

Let’s say, you give a jar of chocolate and give it to a big crowd of children, they eventually start fighting to get more. Same way, remember not to crowd plants in the same place, if so then they cannot grow well due to competition in getting nutrients. Even diseases spread if infected plants are nearby.


8. While buying check the roots

It’s not so hard maintaining a healthy garden. Just don’t introduce a plant that could cause a disease. Remember to check roots while buying a plant, they should be white, firm and spaced everywhere.


9. Pruning at the right time

Pruning is easy to do, just cut off limbs that are infected and make sure to cut them cleanly. Use sharp tools & remove broken limbs in a clean manner. If the cuts are clean, then they heal quickly.


10. Watering Plants

We all know every person who maintains a garden, the most important task is to water them. It is fun to see the plants grow every day, blossom with flowers brings a moment of happiness & joy. Water the plants, but make sure that the plant’s foliage does not get moist. Do not let the leaves get wet. Overwatering is also harmful, make sure not to overwater them as they become easy targets to fungi.

Photo courtesy: prismma.in