Just sharing the below tips that I and my friends use @ home,

Skin care – Pimples/blemishes due to pimples

Grind Jathika (Nutmeg) into powder

When required mix it with Rose water and apply on face

Wash after 15-20 mins

Pimples and marks created due to that will be reduced in a week.

Can be used daily


Face Mask for brighter/fresh look in 15 min

Mash any banana and apply on face, leave for 15-20 mins and wash

Gives a fresh look, can be repeated once in 5 days


Baby skin color 

For a fair skin, give full body massage with Butter

Leave for few mins say 10-15 mins and then bath

Instead of baby oil massage, we can give butter massage which give good color change


Hair care

For dandruff and hair fall

Mix franch oil with your normal coconut oil in the ratio 1:3

Apply daily, hair growth will be increased, dandruff will be gone in few days!!

Both dry and oily hair will be affected by dandruff. So frequent washes will reduce dandruff is not correct. Dry hairs shouldnt be washed very frequently.. People who are tensed, worried get drandruff. So be cool and avoid dandruff.. During my college days, i get drandruff only during exams and later it goes off. 


Moms add your tips if any…