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Homemade skin products are effective and inexpensive ways to care for all skin types.These natural skin products are helpful for blemsihes and other skincare products.. Here are some of the blemishes solutions…

Lemon Reigns Supreme


Just as lemon is known to tame the oil glands, it can serve as a healer for pimples as well. You can slice a lemon and apply directly to your skin if you are looking for a quick way to reduce redness and swelling with a less than welcome blemish. Rubbing lemon peel with a small pinch of sugar on your skin for at least ten minutes can help you to experience less acne and help prevent the risk of pocking and scarring as well.

Lemon juice combined with tomato juice can also be beneficial. Keep this refrigerated and apply the mixture onto your skin regularly. This can help to reduce your blemishes as well as fade other facial embarrassments such as facial hair.

Orange Peel

Switching to another citrus remedy, drying orange peels and forming them into a powder can work well as a pimple preventer. The powder can be kept for further applications, making the effort of drying the peels and granulating them worthwhile. You can add rose water or regular filtered water to the powder to form a paste on the skin. You will find your skin tone more even and your acne outbreaks more infrequent with regular use.


Making homemade skin care products for oily skin and pimples can be a fun activity for a girls’ night in, or just a simple and economic way to give your oily skin that boost of help it has been craving.

Does you have any other home remedies?Share here…