Hi Moms  hurray am leaving this hot seat with full of fun…..My special thanks to SOWMYAGOPI who invited me to tis prestigious HOT SEAT…..uhhhhhhhh it was really really very hot. Indha koluthura veyil le enaku sowmi kudutha parisu idhu nadri nadri nadri sowmya avargale!!!

THOU i always love to ask questions and kaalavarify still this time i got an opportunity to answer all the questions no other go…questions aa pass mana mudiyaleye. I really enjoyed answering all the questions 1 more thing which i had in my mind is hot seat is where am going to have fun for whole week with all my friends. so i replied very playfully nothing was intentional….I really thank all my friends who posted questions to me as well as their comments

HEY GALS….among all the questions i would like to rate few questions how i enjoyed themmmmm…

most difficult question was : describe Mother and Mother in law, Father and father in law, Brother and Brother in law, Siser and sister in law,Son and son son in law,Daughter and daughter in lawwhich was too lengthy and konjam kashtama dhan irundhu di gundoos

interesting and a mokka question was :  Name all the numbers from 1 – 100, which have the letter ‘A’ in their spellings?

funniest question : first dialogue in first night??   Pls dont  me,,, chumma dhaan .. answer pannu ,,,( this was jus for fun)

i really enjoyed recollecting my past and sharing all my wishes hope this is where everone can very well understand abt their friends. THANX A LOT TO ALL THE MOMS AND ALL THE BEST FOR ALL THE HOT SEAT PERSONALITIES

Now its time for me to select the next person for the hot seat….hahahaaaaaaa very interesting adutha aale yare mattividalam nu romba neram yosichen….

IDEA indha website oru nakkal pudicha oru ponnu periya periya vizhi vechu suthittu iruku avale dhan its non other than friendly, humourous and nakkal mani VELVIZHI ENJOY ENJOY!!!!!  hurray am happy to invite you to this hot seat….appada en vela nalabadiya mudinchidhu. kadavule pavam indha velvizhi ye kapathu pa aiyooooooooooo pavam.

common friends its time for you ppl to shoot questions on her

GET SET GO!!!!!!!!!!