It was indeed a sun shine day like all other days….i refused to open my eyes just to make sure my husband thought that I was sleeping. I wanted him to get up first as the treasure hunt starts from the main door handle, He will open the door to get his newspapers …thats how his day starts…he will hit the wash room straight with the paper….

But for some reason he din’t get up from his bed too….There was a call on his mobile and i assumed it was the florist asking for direction….yes…I had ordered for a basket full of mixed flowers and a Bamboo plant. But it was a call from my mother in law. It was the door bell now and I told him I am tired and asked him to open the door….it was my maid….but how boring..he did not notice the treasure hunt tiny card that was hanging on the door handle. I cam out just wondering what up with him, sat on the sofa next to the door and showed my hand pointing the card. He still had the hangover….so just could not think. He took 5 mnts from me to freshen himself. In the mean while my 2 little girls got up. Asked my Maid not to change positions of few things in the house so that he could find the gifts correctly.

The first card said…" Find my Apologies first in the coolest room of the house…The answere was our bedroom. But Hangover was just not allowing him to think…so gave some more oral hints and my daughter helped him find the gift. It was a Krishna Flute Hook…it was a contemproray piece i found in one of the furniture store….May be will click pics and upload if i can. It had a card and a tiny card for him to find the next gift. But my sweet heart thought it was all over…and that was my Valentines day gift.

Now to find the Machine where I clean his collar dirts……he could not find this too…had to make him do a real start. It was in the washin machin. The gift was 2 kushion with my daughters pics printed on both to keep in in our car. He was now all pepped up…was surprised to see the pics printed and he did not have a clue when i did all this. Mirudula was all excited to see her pic on the kushion and both took their kushions.

The next clue was to find some goodies in midst of his clothes and books…he did find this ofcoures… The gifts were 1 good t.shirt(adiddas) and one t.shirt with again the angels printed on it. 2 cards…one key chain with our pic on it. My hubby was all flat now….Now i could actually see him all amused and excited. He was really surprised. Now the clue said….now take a break and run to the loo…. He was obviously serching for a gift wrapped in a glossy sheet….but it was just a clue….which read…no space now search under the chill machin. It was the firdge and my daughter took the gift out. It was a book holder…since he reads a lot in the wash room..thought i could hand one there so he can stock up some books there…:) The clue now was to go pray to God for Good Health and Wealth. He found the gift behind his favorite God Balaji. It was a card and a beautiful Ashtalakshmi Photo frame….it was too senti for him…so gifted him and he really liked it. The next clue was to find a goody behind his drink in the chicken….it was in the kitchen he did find it….but after 3 mnts…:) The gift was a coffee mug and again my kids pics printed all over it. He really loved it.

The next clue now was him to find something behind the world entertainment….it was behind the TV. It was a contemproray wall clock. He wanted a big clock for the house. The clock again was hand made and had a Krishna flute with peocock feather, and Butter pot. The next clue was somthing to find under his seat….it was few movie DVDs and 2 audio cd. I sat at giri trading agency and downloaded few songs from his fav list. Now the clue was to find himself behind the big table…that was the dinning table, he found the gift cos my daughter had seen this earlier and she kept shouting on top her voice…that i found one gift….i asked my hubby to pls ignore as he will loose the fun. He did and follwed the treasure clues. Now the gift was a mirror and very pretty one, i fell in love at first site. The best part is the tiny card fitted apt for the gift…it said…the best treasure in my life is YOU….and the gift is a mirror and he could see him self on it. ore ore…there was one more gift in his bag but i forgot to link the gift…so i gave him the clue and he found it. It was a water bottle which he can use while he workouts at the gym and a wrist was all branded.

My hubby asked me if it was all over. I told him..i don’t know…he just laughed.  The florist just came in at 11.30am which was ofcourse late…and he got it for that. I had cooked his favorite food that day…he loves chicken noodles and chicken biriyani.

He was really flat..i guess till today…has not got up…. ofcourse i was very happy. It was all flawless…i guess its may be cos it was all well planned and worked on it from 1st Feb. Ofcourse have changed choices of gifts. But atlast it was all worth spending and i think did not spend much. This is the first time i have given a surprise to my hubby. I have been surprised all this while. Even before my wedding….the days when were going around. he use to send gifts to office…through all my collegues..and now he is more close to all my x collegues than me…they call and speak to him rather than me.  

I had bought all the gifts by 13th Feb afternoon and had given it to the gift shop down my flat. Had explained the game and told the shop keeper who was  also helpfull had kept quite. Took help from 2 of my neigbours who brought the gift from the shop and kept it in theire house. Luckily my hubby went out to see his friends around 7pm and that the reason for the hangover… Good for me…i had exactly 1 hours to finish all my treasur hunt hidding/linking…relinkin…relinking…cos i got confused and kep wrong links. I did a mini hunt myself and it was fine. This is also a reason for me not showing up for the meetup…excuse me for that, will make it next time.

As my hubby was so excited he immd called for carpenter and it was all hung up around the house…as in the clock/mirror the hook and i had bought some decorative stuff for the house. I was very happy for making our valentines day a memorable one. As Vai said i did plan for his birthday and somehow it did not workout. All my efforts are worth my Hubby. I Love you Cheenu