How hobbies help us

Every person has a passion for something that he engages in leisure time. Hobbies are the most fruitful pastime harboring personal interest and enjoyment. A hobby is an activity or interest that is undertaken for pleasure or relaxation when a person is idle.

Common examples of hobbies are stamp collecting, creative or artistic pursuits, sports, gardening, cooking, reading etc.


Hobbies are spare-time pursuits. A hobby can be very satisfying stress buster that can relieve you of all the trials and tensions of modern day life. In fact, engaging in a hobby can also lead to enhanced skills, knowledge and experience. Pursuing a hobby can be calming and therapeutic. Having a hobby is important to your happiness.

Uses of hobbies

  • The person who loves to make or collect things can learn something new with them. Have some fun too though collecting things of your interest.
  • Chess is a wonderful activity that gives children the chance to learn the value of thinking about the consequences of their actions. It improves your memory power too.
  • Drawing is a great pastime and it also improves creative thinking.
  • Hobbies are used to kill our loneliness.
  • In some cases when hobbies along with the talent can even earn you money and fame for (eg) some hobbies like photography, etc.
  • It will produce more energy when you spend some time to the things in which you are interested more.
  • If you are totally involved to some hobbies which you like the most in free times it helps you avoid thinking about your work tensions and worries.
  • Having a hobby that is fun can release tension and is a perfect way to counter stress.
  • Life is not always about work so find some passion find some suitable hobby as per your interest to make your life more meaningful and to have happiness in your life.