I am sending snacks for my kid who is in LKG. Rarely I see her box with left overs.

I know that my daughter is poor eater. I used to wonder how I had to struggle to feed her at home but whatever I send to school she finishes. One day I asked her slowly. that day there were some left overs in the snack box.  What happened Nivi, why you didnt like the snack today. You always finish you snack without leaving anything. I was astounded with the answer. She said today Kalaiarasan and Abhishek didnt like it. I was taken back. What!! She continued. Yes mom. They always like my snacks and I give them whatever I bring. Today they liked their murukku and cream biscuit more than my Honey corn flakes…I asked her did you get anything from them. She said  "No ma..poor fellows. they would be hungry if I get food from them"

So all these days I was happy that she is eating something on her own but after hearing her story I felt bad at the same time I was proud that she cares about others

Kids I dont know how they learn to tell a reason for whatever we ask them….