Mydaughter is 4yrs and goes to school. I don’t understand how these kids learn words.I am unable to control her. She says no for whatever i say.. She refuses to put the dress which i chose even the panty… She says no for keeping vibuthi, no for saying prayers etc and so.. many no… Only if i threaten her like i will go out or God will punish u or i will leave u in creche … She does what i said..But iam afraid that she may get bored of threatens and one day ignore me even… She plays with her dad but when he comes and hugs her she just beats him and just says i don’t like dad… But she is very attentive and grasps things faster.. I am worried..In one site i was introduced to reward chart so as to put stars for the good works and give some gifts.I tried that too which was just a waste for me.Please anyone having same aged kid or can i have a discussion how to handle these probs? I ur suggestions .