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How often your child has pampered you to tell a story and you have refused it just because you think you’re not a good story teller? Story telling isn’t that difficult and you can build your own stories. Moreover, the stories you tell need not necessarily have a moral, instead you can make your kid enter into the world of imagination by telling things that fascinate her. The reason why you don’t want to tell stories to your kid is because you’re not a housewife. Otherwise, though you may be a working mother, you still want to spend quality time with your kid, but don’t know how to do it probably?

Do you really think that you don’t spend quality time with your kid? Ask a few questions.

Do you refuse whenever your kid call for storytelling?

1. Yes.

2. No. Sometimes I go, but without an idea.


What is your way of telling story? 

1. Emotion Action with Voice Modulation/Use props

2. Not Just Telling Stories


Do you prefer telling story in mother tongue ?

1. Yes, it reach them faster

2. No, they dont get chance to update other languages.

Let’s evaluate your answers whether you spend quality time with your kid. Complete this personality test to better understand your son or daughter. Can build a positive relationship with parent and child. 

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