Hurricane Sandy Cyclone in New york

 Sandy now has the characteristics of a nor’easter, but the storm remains as strong as a Category 1 hurricane, with powerful winds and low pressure.

The Hurricane Center announced the post-tropical cyclone status at 7 p.m., hours after the hurricane began unleashing its fury on the coastal city in southern New Jersey, pounding the area with powerful winds and heavy rain.



Obama also said a lot of power outages could be expected in the affected areas and urged people to be prepared for the fact that it would take a long time to clear up after the storm due to its nature of slow moving and wide swath.


Speaking on CNN’s State of Union on Sunday, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell said the state had learned lessons from the last storm which left many local residents without power for days, and already got about 2,000 additional people this time to help with the state’s power supply.



From Sunday through Monday noon, Obama has declared a state of emergency for Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Delaware where Hurricane Sandy could cause severe damage, making federal aid available for local response and rescue.