Hi moms,In olden days there were ten kids for a mom and even dozens but as the importance for money has been increased they started reducing the kids it seems only for the sake of money,So many many reasons as money as an object  that they couldn’t feed the kids properly and buy clothes and accessories the count of kids has come to minimum one and maximum two.But if we were in olden days or if money were no object how many kids would you like to have .

The plus points of having more kids is that they understand each other,share there foods,so much attached and loving towards to youngers,many cases my mom used to tell that her sister used to be the acting mom for her at times but many of the kids thinks there brothers and sisters as the enemy who shares there happiness.



The minus is that we lack care,loss of womens health,at present we cant manage the kids and give them proper protection…and so on

If money is not an object i would like to 3 kids …. what about you alllll?????