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Procedure and Ideas for placing Dolls in Navratri Golu 2013


 Hi moms,

This is just an initiative to help other moms who wish to keep golu for the first time.Most of the begineers have a doubt about how to keep golu and what are the dolls to be placed in golu 

Since navaratri is about to come i wish to give them all a cluster of info in a single blog i invite you all to contribute on the same so that we can make a Navaratri guide 

First of all Many of them have a doubt on what are the dolls should we place in golu i contributed my idea share yours too

 Kalasam – Kalash For Golu First and Foremost thing 





















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Returning Gift ideas for Golu in

Interesting Special Theme for Golu       

Theme for Golu in


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