The world we are living in is formed by energy, positive and negative. While positive energy is responsible for peace, prosperity and happiness, negative energy causes hatred, disputes, and agony. Since every entity in the world comprises energy, every home also has its own type of energy. Once you start living in the place, you begin to absorb the energy in the place, and thus the life gets highly influenced. As each of us aspire to have a happy life with no difficulties and stress, the science called Vastu is followed.

The present lifestyle which is filled with stress provides no time to look for the cause for many problems. Many problems are caused due to improper planning of the house. Hence, Indians believe in the concept of building their dwellings according to Vastu Shastra, as it gives guidelines to enhance the positivity at home and ensures a joy filled life even without making structural changes to the building. Positive home helps an individual face any kind of challenges without fear and seek success in every step of life.

The entrance to the home is a gateway for positive energy to enter the home. Hence Vastu specialists advise to avoid placing the door in the south west direction. To increase the flow of positive energy, a water filled bowl filled with flower petals should be placed at the entrance. Placing a lemon and a little salt in water at the entrance will absorb the negativity.

While Pooja plays a vital role in increasing the positivity at home, Pooja room should be placed in Northeast direction, with praying being done on the east. The Pooja room should be lit with two oil lamps and artificial flowers should be avoided.

Since tranquility plays a major role in one’s life, maintaining positivism in the bedroom also is vital. As per Vastu sastra, the bedroom should be placed in southwest direction and the head while sleeping should be south or west direction. The images of waterfalls, fountains and mirrors should not be kept in the bed room.

Kitchen, an indispensible part of a house is a representation of wealth and nutrition. As per Vastu, the kitchen should be in the southeast direction. A wrongly placed kitchen can lead to financial problems. As a remedy for such situations, three bronze bowls facing downward can be hanged from the ceiling in the kitchen, and without facing the gas stove.

Vastu believes that bathrooms and toilets create the energy in hell. Hence, it should be placed in south or west. Placing it in a wrong direction can lead to serious health issues and financial problems.

The center of the house should be well ventilated and clean as it is believed to be the nose of the house, where the very breath of the house moves. In case the house lacks ventilation it is good to fix a zero watt bulb and keep it on day and night.

In addition to all this, here are a few simple tips to make your house more positive and powerful:

Place small amounts of salt water in every corner of the house to avoid the spreading of negative energy.

Keep the house clean: Dust and sweep the house every day; fold the blanket, dust your bed spread and neatly arrange your bed every morning as soon as you wake up. Put rangolis with rice flour or rangoli powder at the entrance. Kolams with pyramid structures can increase the energy flow.


Light incense sticks every day and play a slow and happy music at least thrice a day. Do not place medicines and unwanted things in the kitchen.

Following these Vastu tips, not only increase the positivity at home and bring happiness and prosperity, but also add a new look to the house.