When you are in a high profile media job and you have also decided to be a work-from-home dad, you should be absolutely sure about locking your door before going live on television. This dad learnt this in the hardest way possible.

Not once would he have imagined before going live that a funny sequence of his kids entering the room and making their presence felt on live television would happen.

Each entrance was more hilarious than the one before it. Initially, the little girl comes in with her “I just don’t care what you are doing” attitude. She was followed by a confused baby in a stroller completely oblivious to anything. The icing on the cake was the woman who followed – either a panic struck mom or a caretaker for the kids – bursting into the room like a super woman and instantly dropping to her knees in full stealth mode while dragging the kids outside the door. The sequence ended with her eerily funny attempt at closing the door. The whole scene could not have been better executed even if it was pre-planned.

Watch it for yourself to put yourself in tears: