We’ve all been on that one date that didn’t really work well. You either knew the guy through a friend’s friend or met him through an app and decided to go out with him. But, five minutes into the date, you realise that things aren’t going well, and the guy isn’t who you thought he was. You’ve come to realise that the guy sitting across the table can in some way harm you and you just want to get home safely.

Thousands and thousands of women across the world have been in this situation. Trust me, I have too. Which is why I find this new idea to be interesting. Some pubs and restaurants in the USA have been putting up posters (see below) in women’s restrooms, assuring women that if their evening isn’t going well, they can simply contact the waiter or bartender who will help them find a safe ride home. Check it out…




This poster was found behind the door of one of the restroom stalls in Portland, Oregon. Over the last few months, many bars, pubs, night clubs and restaurants have embraced this technique to help women get out of difficult situations. Last night, a friend told me about a similar poster she had seen in a restroom in London. While I wasn’t able to get a photo of that particular poster, I came across this one, by the Lincolnshire Rape Crisis.




This poster also looks very much similar to the earlier one. I’m thrilled that the West is embracing this helpful practice and I only hope that Indian bars and clubs will follow suit and start offering something like this.